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Tara + Eric

Tropical storms have nothing against the "Dream Team" and the love that Tara and Eric share for each other!

We are often referred to as the "Dream Team" by our couples when we are shooting at Sowell Farms, and we get to partner with Tom Cat Productions for a wedding day. We all know each other so well and things run like a dream, hence the unofficial brand that we have created together.

Ultimately having your wedding vendors know each other and when all of us strive toward the same goal of giving you a picture perfect kick off into your happily ever after, is the only surefire way of making sure your wedding day is perfection!

"They worked so well with Tom Schwartz DJ and Ashlie Sowell. They really are a dream team. It took all the stress away during the wedding. We loved the entire experience!" -Tara

Tip for future brides: "Have a list of the different photos/shots you want to have done written down. The big day I was in a daze and did not have any preferences in my mind. Looking back I would have liked a few other pictures but wasn’t able to do it after the fact. Plus it was raining all day so there were some I could not get.  Also have a back up plan for shots just in case it rains! And don’t sweat the small stuff! It’s never going to work out perfectly as planned!"-Tara

What are looking forward to seeing in the photos?

"First look, capturing my expression and emotion when I saw her in the dress. She was simply amazing, radiant and stunning. It left me at a loss for words. I was overcome with joy, realizing that this woman was giving herself to me for time and eternity" -Eric

"He was so handsomely dressed in his Tux. I was love struck all over again. His eyes sparkled and he looked at me with so much love that I felt like I was the most beautiful woman in the world. It was like a dream all day and I could not stop smiling. It was finally here and Eric was going to me mine forever. I had waited so long for this day, to have my Mr. Wonderful, and it was the wedding of my dreams! The first look was like seeing each other for the first time. It was breath taking and it was a whirl wind of emotions... We prayed together and I love hearing Eric pray over us. That is so reassuring to have a man pray over his wife with love in his heart." -Tara

The most emotional part of the day for me:

"Seeing her come down the aisle. Watching my two new daughters give her away to me and realizing I am gaining a family to love forever." -Eric

"The first look with Eric and my dad and mom really made me cry with joy and pride. These two men got to see me for the first time looking like a princess." -Tara

The number one tip for anyone planning a wedding (ESPECIALLY within the next few months) is to keep remembering the "Why" behind your big day! Let that motivate you and give you hope, even when things aren't going to plan. You won't regret it!

Till Next Time,

Much Love,

Tim & Audrey

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