We are Tim & Audrey!

Owners and Photographers of Phocus Photography. We wake up every day with a new obsession with documenting

"That can't eat, can't sleep, reach for the stars, over the fence, world series kind of love."

(If you know, ya know)

We lead a life that once seemed like a dream that would never come true,

and now we are capturing endless memories with a team of five, and

over 300 weddings under our belt.

We are always searching for innovative ways to bring the Phocus Experience to the next level,

because we believe that you deserve the best us that we can be.

Get to know the team below, but know whether you meet us all or only a couple of us,

you will be treated like a life-long friend.


Much Love,



Tim & Audrey


Friend to anyone and everyone

Queen of clean and organization

As husband and wife, we remember what the wedding

planning process looked like...IT's NOT EASY!

We also know what it was like shopping for photographers and 

having no idea what to look for other than "good work". 

Let me tell you, there are some other really important things to look for

and we are here to help with that!

When I commit to loving something or someone I go ALL THE WAY. 

So to say that I am OBSESSED with My wifey,

Disney, and coffee, it's a slight understatement.

Don't ask Audrey about that, because she will agree TOO strongly.

I try to remain as positive and grateful for every moment as possible,

because in short, life is too short.

You will almost DEFINITELY see me unapologetically dance

at some point (or every point) of our friendship. 

My motivation for this job is knowing that I can contain every feeling

of a memory and preserve them into something that will last a lifetime. -Tim

I'm typically the girl behind the curtain making the magic happen,

but keeping quiet and enjoying from behind the scenes.

Trying to explore as much as possible and living every day to the fullest is my goal in life!

A successful and meaningful life is getting to look back and

know that I was nothing less than adventurous and didn't get stagnant.

I am a FIRM believer that fur babies are just as perfect as the human kiddos running around.

My sweet boy, Coco, has almost as much of my heart as Timmy does (Emphasis on ALMOST.)

If I could meet any person that walked the earth, I will always say Lucille Ball. 

Her troublesome ideas that get her into crazy situations, remind me of my everyday life,

so I know we would get along just great!

Photography is my passion because I know that the work we produce

will only get more valuable as life goes on. -Audrey



creative director

laugh master

Photography has become my new-found passion and I honestly can't get enough it.

My special skill is my eagerness to grow and learn something new every day. If I could have an endless supply of ANYTHING for life, I would choose Takis! Nothing like setting the lining of my mouth on fire.

If I could choose any actor to play myself in a movie, it would be Madea. Specifically Madea (not Tyler Perry) because I keep it real, loud, and sometimes real loud!

If I could be remembered for ONE THING in life, it would be that I was the life of the party.



film maker

Knower of Random facts

Looking for a good joke? I always have one to tell!

In short, I'm Fun, Loving, and Fun-Loving!

A song guaranteed to make me move is "Feeling Myself" by Beyonce.

To gain the energy for those dance moves, I will always take a big slice of cake if one is offered to me!

I have an ever evolving tech and gear fascination!

If you need to know any random useful facts about gear, or what the little plastic piece on your shoelace is called, I'm your man! (an aglet, BTW)

My love for Photography stems from knowing that my seemingly small piece of art is a MONUMENTAL part of someone's life.  



Creative Support


Nothing gets me moving at a reception like Beyonce's "Before I let go". So be prepared to be surprised when I flip the switch from a timid professional disposition to a "drop it like it's hot" kinda gal.

When I'm not supporting our lead photographers on a wedding day, or editing our photos to look magazine ready, you will find me snacking around the world in Disney and maintaining my high fashion taste in clothes and makeup! All of those things are hard work, so I keep up my motivation with heavy amounts of coffee and the occasional margarita.

The most motivating part of my job is hearing our couples reactions to the finished photos and videos. Knowing how happy they are with our art form, gives me the urge to keep giving it my all!