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Stephanie and Jeremy

Bride and groom kissing in front of fountain.

When I say, Stephanie hired a power team that day, I mean it! When she came to us and asked us to photograph her wedding, I knew it would be one for the books! It was definitely a POWER TEAM! When we arrived at the venue, Supposey Venue, everyone was on their A game.... GETTING. THINGS. DONE. We had Culinary Productions cooking away and setting up a Pre-Party Taco station and Tap the Coast mixing up a party in a cup!! Let me tell you... Stephanie's vision for the day was a DANG good party, LOTS of food and a heck of a time!

Number One Tip for Future Phocus Couples to Consider About The Wedding Day: No matter how much planning you do, or all the extra time you try to give yourselves during your day, it's going to go by SO FAST. Get all the photos and video, so you can remember and relive!

One thing brides don't fully understand is the fact that the day will go by faster than you think. With everything going on from taking photos, talking to hundreds of people and all the traditions of a wedding day (all while trying to stick to some sort of timeline). One moment you're waking up on your wedding day with wedding jitters and the next, you're driving home in a car with your NOW husband.

What moment were you most looking forward to seeing in the photos/video? (bride's response) Definitely the walk in & the entire Bridal party photos with everyone in their colors!

Bride and groom cheering as they enter reception.

If you know Stephanie, you know this wedding was 100% her! All the bright, beautiful colors were soooo dreamy. The Supposey team absolutely KILLED THIS VISION. From the beautiful centerpieces to the open outside space. Every little detail had thought and personality behind it.

What moment were you most looking forward to seeing in the photos/video? Wedding party photos near the fountain and the walk down- Jeremy

How did you two meet? (Tell us all those little details!) I (Stephanie) was actually with a guy-friend (honest friends) watching live music at the Back Alley at Seville around 4pm 6 years ago Saturday, May 28, 2016. Jeremy was just the Best Man in a wedding AT Seville. I was wearing a 50's style black with white polka dot dress, had purple & pink hair and tattoos.. After the wedding, some of the guys noticed me, and came up to talk to me while my friend was gone to grab a drink, and that's when Jeremy saw them talking to me and thought 'Well THAT looks fun!' (His words 🤣!) So Jeremy came up lookin all fly in his suit, and we hit it off immediately! My friend had come back and was sitting at the table while I was standing talking to Jeremy, and Jeremy took the moment to get my number right then and there. The song Bottoms Up was actually playing (Mr. Steal Your Girl) at the moment I was typing my phone number into his phone lol! I went out with Jeremy the two days later (I almost blew him off lol), and it was just instant, passionate love. We've been together ever since! And yes, the guy friend I was with realized after Jeremy "took me" that he wanted me, but if THAT'S what it takes for you to realize you want me, then I don't want someone like that anyway!

The chemistry between Jeremy and Stephanie was fireeeeee. We get to work with so many different couples. Some couples are cute and spunky together, some are shy and quiet and then you have couples like Stephanie and Jeremy. Fire. Passion. Chemistry. When these two are together, it's like no one else is around. Their chemistry takes over and in that moments, you feel that connection between the two of them.

Tell us about THE dress! What made you fall in love? Oh, this is a long story! Well, every little girl dreams of the dress she's gonna wear on her wedding day.. but I'm a little different! I knew I could never wear "just white". I. LOVE. COLOR! I've colored my hair any and all colors imaginable since I was 18 years old, I'm covered in tattoos - yep, all color! And I knew I always wanted a wedding dress with alllll the colors! So almost two years ago when Jeremy and I started talking about a wedding, I was like, "There's only 3 things that I want for my wedding, and I don't care about anything else. 1) a BADASS wedding dress, 2) a great photographer and 3) cheesecake as my wedding cake! So you've gotta give me a year to figure out my dress, cause it's gonna take that long..." He was thoroughly confused as to why it would take that long, but I told him just to trust me.. So I went on the hunt for someone that could color a dress (any dress, I didn't care what the dress was, all I cared about was how it was colored!) and in my search I found the famous Taylor Ann/Canvas Bridal. YES! THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED! And I wanted HER to color my dress! Unfortunately, she didn't do custom dresses anymore, but instead she uses gowns off the rack or sample dresses that she gets and colors them the way she wants, and then puts them on her website and whoever gets it, gets it. Usually they sell out in minutes, and the chance of getting what you want are near impossible. Well, one day she decided to do it differently. She announced on her Instagram that she was going to put this dress she had just finished up for auction on her IG the day instead of putting it on her website for one person to snatch up. She posted this gorgeous dress with the colors I had been waiting on (teal/purple tones)! I knew this was my chance to get a Taylor Ann dress! The problem? It was JUST the skirt. The other problem? It was 6 sizes too big for me! And about 2 feet too long! I didn't care. It was everything I had in my head for so long, and I was gonna make it work! Well, I placed my bid and it was mine! Taylor sent me the skirt, and it was stunning! I had 7 days to decide if I was going to keep it or return it for a full refund. Now came the hard part. Since the color is at the bottom of the skirt, alterations has to be done from the TOP down or all the color would be cut off, making it pointless to purchase the dress to begin with. I took it to FOUR seamstresses around the area, and only ONE accepted the challenge for alterations (shout out to Melissa at 3 Muses!). We would have to completely remake the skirt, and since it was 6 sizes too big for me anyway, we were just gonna cut it in half and make TWO dresses out of it (ceremony & reception).. plus I had to make a top for the skirt! So I messaged Taylor my plan, and she told me she had a different idea. She wanted to send me 5 different dresses of my choosing that she had, pick one, send the rest back, get that one altered, send it back to her and she would color it for me! I really loved the skirt I had, and the details on it, so I was pretty set on just creating a dress (or two) out of it. She sent me many photos of dresses she had. None of them sparked for me. Then. Theeeeen she sent me a photo of this fantastic, stunning dress with a fluttery double hemline. YEEEESSS. That was it! I told her don't worry about sending any others. If anything was gonna do it for me, it was that one! I asked Taylor how she would color the double hemline, and she said she would double ombre it! Oh em gee! I didn't think it could get any better! So, she sent it to me. I put it on my body and it fit like a glove!! The only problem with it? It was strapless. I am a large chested lady, and I'm realistic and know I can't do strapless! But since I had been researching tops to be made for the skirt, I had already found the perfect idea to add to the beautiful strapless sweetheart neckline this dress had, and I knew my wonderful seamstress was up for the task! So I had Melissa add the belt and pleated side boob coverage with criss-cross back straps. It was perfect! So I sent the dress off to Taylor. I told her she had artist freedom to color it however she wanted keeping the same colors as the skirt (magenta, purple, blue & aqua), but I requested a little color somewhere at the top of the dress, however she felt she could do it. After bouncing a few ideas off each other, she added color to the belt and the criss-cross straps, and added some white appliques. When she sent me the big reveal, I was just enamored! It was simply perfection. I knew that was the dress I wanted to wear while I promise my husband my forever. So, yes.. I got the 3 things I wanted for my wedding day. 1) a BADASS dress 2) a GREAT photographer 3) and cheesecake (minis, to go along with a wedding cake)!

Bride and groom sitting on vintage car.

When I say this dress was MADEEEE for Stephanie, I literally mean it. Her personality and creative side definitely matched her vision in the dress. She wasn't just going to settle for ANY dress. PLUS, when this is the wedding of your dreams, who is just going to settle for any dress. Stephanie knew what she wanted and went after it! It was 100% a ONE OF A KIND dress!

What was your first dance song, and why did you choose it? Perfect - Ed Sheeran We hate cliche stuff, and if you attended the wedding you'd know it was FAR from anything ordinary, but this song just did it for us. We cry every single time we listen to it. It was just the one.

Bride and groom doing their first dance in their reception.

Their first dance was classy, sweet and had tears all around. There's something so special about a bride and a groom doing their first dance. I guess the hustle and bustle of the day makes the time go by so fast, but it always seems like the moment the two share their first dance, time slows only for those 3 minutes. It's that one moment where there's no interruptions, it's just the two of them... in that moment.

Describe what you felt when you saw your bride on your wedding day: I was nervous, excited, and feeling like the luckiest man on earth all at the same time. -Jeremy

Groom smiling from seeing bride for the first time on wedding day.

Jeremy was full of excited when we arrived. His smile was ear to ear and you could tell he was a little nervous, but also excited to see Stephanie.

Describe what you felt when you saw your groom on your wedding day: I never thought I'd be nervous, but I was so nervous! At rehearsal, I actually walked up THREE TIMES and turned around before I could walk down the isle! I was still nervous on the big day while getting hair and makeup done, but when I saw him, I couldn't wait to dance down that isle and put that ring on his finger! -Stephanie

Their ceremony was fully of so many emotions. There was laughter, lots of tears and a whole lot of love. When they recited their vows, there wasn't a dry eye in site. The love coming out from both of them was like something in a Nicholas Sparks movie...full of passion. Stephanie poured out her heart surrounded by all her friends and family. It was simply beautiful. The love Jeremy has for Stephanie was just as sweet. His face as she danced down that aisle was undeniable.

Bride crying during ceremony.

What was the most emotional part of the day for you? Definitely the mother Dance. But a close second was saying my vows. -Stephanie

It's never easy losing someone you love. Whether it's a close friend or even someone closer like family. I think on days like this, it's especially harder. With Stephanie and Jeremy both losing their dads, I could tell that played a huge role in the day. You could 100% know they were there though. They did such an amazing job making them a part of all the events of the day. With a glass of bourbon poured for each of them in the beginning of the day, I knew that was a special moment for them both.

When it came to the mother dances, I can 100% say there wasn't a dry eye nearby. The emotions that came in that moment were so raw, unfiltered and heart throbbing.

What was the most emotional part of the day for you? Dancing with our mothers.- Jeremy

This was definitely a PARTYYY (Shoutout to Tap the Coast) for bringing the FUN! Their group of people knew 1) how to party and 2) how break it down! The night was full of a banging DJ and lots of dancing!

Bride throwing bouquet during reception.

Favorite part of the Phocus Experience? Not having to keep up with what you were doing.. y'all had it down, and were just as excited as we were!

We had so much fun celebrating with Stephanie and Jeremy! These two were so full of love and passion and getting to document that was something so special for us!

Congrats to the new Mr. and Mrs. Lane!!

Here are some of our favorites from the day!

VENDORS || Venue | Supposey Warehouse

Coordinator | Chloe Sexton

Videographer | Phocus and Company

Mobile Bar | Tap the Coast

Make Up Artist | Hayley Gurney

Hair Stylist | Tonya with The Powder Room

Hair Colorist | Jamie at Unbridled Hair Salon

Dress Shop | TaylorAnnArt at Canvas Bridal

Tux | Gent's

Officiant | Claudia Nichols

Florals | Supposey

Tattoos | Brandon Price at INkSANEAsylum

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