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Rebekah + Jonathan

In the midst of adversity, one thing remains. LOVE. Rebekah and Jonathan were one of our many couples that faced the fear of national pandemic, and the thought of having to reschedule their wedding. Thankfully Mr and Mrs Ottley stood strong and pronounced their love for each other on their original planned date. With a full attendance, many loved ones surrounded this resilient couple and supported them as they experienced a picture perfect wedding day.

"Honestly, the wedding planning -even with a pandemic- was almost effortless. We remained positive, and everything fell into place"

The power of positivity and being determined go hand in hand, and can often make dreams come true despite the challenges we face.

What moment do you look forward to seeing most in the photos?

"Our First "Not" Look" -Jonathan "Jonathan praying with me before the wedding was the most emotional part of the day for me" -Rebekah

Tell us about THE dress.

"He had one request in what he wanted my dress to have and that was to see my legs when I was walking down the isle. As soon as I saw my dress, I knew it was the one. I never even tried on other dresses." -Rebekah

What was Phocus' favorite part of this wedding?

From the day that we met Mr. and Mrs. Ottley, we fell in love with their care-free type of love! You could tell on their wedding day that they didn't have a care or worry in mind. All they were worried about was having a good time and loving each other with all of their hearts; Forgetting the standards that we all hold wedding traditions to, and the "MUST-DO List" that often stresses our couples. Capturing that type of love makes our job a cakewalk!

Till next time,

Much Love,

Tim & Audrey Here are some of our favorites from their big day!

Reception Venue: Hidden Creek Country Club

Catering: Black Skimmer

Makeup: Loretta at Blue Magnolia

Dress: David's Bridal

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