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Negron Wedding

Bride and groom kissing dog on cheeks

We often get the opportunity to photograph many weddings out at Live Oak Plantation in Pensacola, Florida. The beautiful oaks, breathtaking indoor reception area and stunning sunsets, make for the perfect wedding venue.

Number One Tip for Future Phocus Couples to Consider About The Wedding Day: Have fun and soak up every moment that you can because in a blink of an eye it’s just a memory

What moment were you most looking forward to seeing in the photos/video? (bride's response) Steven’s reaction to me walking down the aisle and all our favorite people having so much fun at our reception

Groom crying while walking down the aisle

What moment were you most looking forward to seeing in the photos/video? (groom's response) It’s going to sound a little self centered but my face when I see her walking down the aisle

The whole day was so full of emotion. There were tears, laughs, and smiles all day.The connection these two had was undeniable. Being able to see all their family surrounding them on the biggest day, was something in will forever remember.

How did you two meet? (Tell us all those little details!) We met on tinder (we know typical lol) he kept asking to take me for a drink and I kept telling him no until he finally asked to take me on a date. I finally said yes and we went and had dinner at red fish blue fish.

Bride and groom laughing during ceremony

Tell us about THE dress! What made you fall in love? I felt like a bride and I wanted something that was true to me. The dress was covered in vines and that just captured my plant loving side and just absolutely made sense

Bride and groom laying in the grass together

What was your first dance song, and why did you choose it? One man band by old dominion. It’s been “our song” since basically our second date. Steven had been one of the only single guys left in his friend group and said when he met me he just didn’t want to be the single friend anymore and the song made him think of me every time he heard it.

Bride and groom dancing in reception

(For the Groom) Describe what you felt when you saw your bride on your wedding day: I cannot possibly describe with an appropriate degree of accuracy how it felt to see the most beautiful creature in God's garden walking towards me, practically bathed in starlight and shining with the radiance of the Sun. A sight I will remember to the grave

Father of the bride walking bride down the aisle.

(For the Bride) Describe what you felt when you saw your groom on your wedding day: I actually felt relief. Seeing him standing at the end of the aisle brought a huge wave of relief over me. It felt like everything was finally making sense and coming together. I actually became very excited instead of nervous. I have waited 3 years to get to this day and we were finally there. Every puzzle piece just clicked together

What was the most emotional part of the day for you? (bride's response) I lost my Maw Maw in May and have had a hole in my heart ever since. I was even more heart broken that my biggest fan wouldn’t be there on the biggest day of my life. Ever since I was a kid whenever I saw a yellow butterfly I called them Maw Maws butterflies cause I always saw them in her yard. After taking photos with the bridesmaids my mom and I were hugging and a yellow butterfly flew by and we instantly knew Maw Maw was there and broke down in tears because she made it known she wasn’t missing my biggest day for anything

What was the most emotional part of the day for you? (groom's response) Seeing my beautiful bride walk down the aisle and knowing our lives were about to be entwined forever. Words cannot fully describe the wave of emotion that rolled through me when she said “I do”

What is ONE moment of your day that you will always remember? Our first dance. The excitement was there and we felt full of love. It was like nothing else existed in that moment but us dancing to our song singing to each other just soaking in that moment and those feelings

Bride and groom dancing

Favorite part of the Phocus Experience? They made sure we got every thing we wanted during the night. Made sure we never ran out of food or drinks and made sure to remind us to step back and enjoy the moments

We had the best day with these two! we wish them so many beautiful moments together.


Vendors |

Venue | Live Oak

Photographer and video | Phocus and Company

Dog Services | Fetch Fido

Coordinator | Kirsten Lambert

Hair and Makeup | Penton House

Dress | Bridal Loft

Dress Designer | Stella York

Tux | Randalls

Caterer | Cactus Cantina

Bakery | Craft Bakery

Florist | Fiore

Decor | Petal and Twig

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