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Nathan + Alicia

Nathan and Alicia's wedding was such a beautiful day! It was a small, and intimate brunch wedding! It was perfect for both of them, and overall just a great day to be a part of! Sometimes you don't need this HUGE production of a wedding to be memorable. You just need the ones that are most important to you and your best friend to come celebrate your big day!

Number One Tip for Future Phocus Brides to Consider:

"The wedding day can be overwhelming, but it’s okay to step away to take a breather."-Alicia

Alicia is not wrong! We all know just how stressful weddings can be, but stepping away for even just 5 minutes can really make an impact, and press that internal refresh button! If you need a minute, go take it! It's your wedding day after all!!

What moment were you most looking forward to seeing in the photos?

"The photoshoot on the sheep!"-Alicia

When you read Alicia's response, you may be thinking, "What the heck is she talking about?!?", well....LET ME SHOW YOU!!! Alicia and Nathan brought this sheep to a whole other level of fancy!! It can sometimes be the weirdest things in a photo that make for that amazing magazine shot!

How did you two meet?

"A Mutual friend!"-Alicia

You all know how we feel about those mutual friends! ;) Meeting your best friend can sometimes blindside you in life, and those mutual friends are the bridges that connect you and the best thing to ever happen to you!! Thank you to all those mutual friends that may or may not have planned the introduction that changed lives!! ;)

Tell us about THE dress!

"It’s by Winnie Couture! Kami and Courtney helped me pick it out in Nashville! I love how airy it felt on a humid June morning."-Alicia

Alicia's dress was SOOOOO gorgeous!! It fit her to the tee, and she OWNED the dang thing!!

Tell Us About Your First Dance!


WHY DID YOU CHOOSE THAT SONG?: "It sounded sweet and romantic."-Alicia

Alicia and Nathan's first dance was so sweet to witness! You can see just how much they love each other, and they truly are each other's soulmates!

Describe the BRIDE on your wedding day!

"So beautiful!"-Nathan

Alicia was glowing from the moment we arrived, and she had that "wedding day" glow! She is such a sweet person inside and out, and being able to capture her on the biggest day of her life was so rewarding for us! Not to mention, she was a LITERAL queen!!

Describe the GROOM on your wedding day!


One word we could use to describe Nathan was "dapper", and it just seems to fit him to the tee! Very well dressed, cool, calm and collected, and ready to marry his bride!

What was the most EMOTIONAL part of the day and WHY?

"The ceremony; It was the first time I got to see Alicia all day!"-Nathan

We have always asked this question to our grooms, and laying their eyes on their bride for the first time seems to be our number one answer, but can you blame any of them?!?! Laying their eyes on the love of their life is a moment that should never be taken lightly! They grow up from being a young boy, to becoming a man that is marrying his dream girl!

What was the most EMOTIONAL part of the day and WHY?

"Walking down the aisle! Seeing my friends, family, and Nathan waiting for me."-Alicia

These particular moments are always personal to each and every bride and groom we encounter with. Yes, the bride is always walking down the aisle to their future hubby, but the experience, the feelings, and the moments are always different with every single couple! Those moments are irreplaceable, and we are honored to capture it every single time!

What is ONE moment of your wedding you will always remember?

"Chilling in the bridal sweet before going to the reception. It was really the only time Alicia and I had alone together that day."-Nathan

Even though your guests are there to celebrate you guys, always remember that IT IS OKAY to step out for a little bit to soak it all in! Your wedding day already goes by in the blink of an eye, so if you need some time alone, there is nothing wrong with that at all!

What is ONE moment of your wedding you will always remember?

"Sneaking into the side door to go to the bridal suite with Nathan, and hearing Ayla play tale as old as time from 'Beauty and the Beast'."-Alicia

Favorite Part of the Phocus Experience?

"Feeling like a supermodel!"-Alicia

Supermodels do NOT even begin to scratch the surface with Nathan and Alicia!! When shooting them, it was 100% all natural for them, and could see just how much love they share for one another!

The Sechrist wedding day was so beautiful to be a part of, and we are honored to now have forever friends in them! Remember that the size of your wedding does not always matter, but it is about WHO is there to celebrate one of the biggest milestones in your life! If you have 300 people attend or 30 people attend, the love, and joy that is shared on your big day is all the same!

Here are some of our favorites from the day!


Officiant: Beach Preacher

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