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Losh Wedding

Bride and groom standing on the beach.

Do you ever just meet two people and wish nothing but good things to them because they're two of the kindest souls?? That's Katie and Justin....They are two of the sweetest people you can meet. Not just them, but their family as well. They were so welcoming to us, we practically felt like family the whole day.

The day started at a condo where the whole bridal party and family were getting ready. We then shifted down to the beach where we did all their photos for the day. We started with a first look with Katie and Justin, and it was simply perfect. We then got to shoot with all their bridal party and even got all their family photos done before the ceremony even started.

I always love when the bride and groom are down to do all the photos before. It just get's it all out of the way so the bride and groom can just enjoy being with the people they love.

Grandma and grandpa racing in wheel chairs.

This is probably one fo my favorite shots from the day. If you met Katie's family, you would 100% understand this photo is definitely a representation of the fun side of her family. They love each other hard, love life harder and love to just have fun.

Talk about perfect timing. EVERYTHING was absolutely perfect. The moment the ceremony ended, the rain clouds started to come in. On the way back to the car, we all even saw a double rainbow. Whether you believe in luck or not, there was 100% some good luck on this day.

Bride and groom walking on the boardwalk with rainbows in the sky.

The reception was full of all of Katie and Justin's closest friends and family. People ate, hung out and just enjoyed being with the people they haven't seen in a while.

We loved meeting Katie and Justin ( and all their family). We truly wish nothing but happiness between these two. Congrats Katie and Justin!

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Ceremony Venue | Alabama Point

Photography | Phocus and Company

Reception Venue | Flora- Bama

Hair/ Makeup | Hailey Quick

DJ | Jobe Fortner

Caterer | Flora- Bama

Florist | Fiore

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