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Merritt Wedding

Bride and groom kissing under the veil.

Ezra and Rebba were two of the sweetest people! Being wedding photographers in Pensacola, Florida, we get to meet and shoot with so many different couples. Some couples are fun and outgoing, some like to goof around with each other and other couples are shy and quiet. When we met these two, I knew right away the type of couple they are. They have that old time type of love...the slow, intimate kisses, eye contact like no one is watching them, and a connection that is unbreakable type of love.

Their wedding was the perfect depiction of that too. We had so many raw photos catpured that day. Their friends and family absoltuely had the best time. It was 100% how evident and present the love of not only Ezra and Rebba, but also the love of their families.

We had the best time with these two and cant wait to see their beautiful life blossom and grow.

Congrats to these two beautiful people!




Coordinator/Photographer/Videographer | Phocus and Company

Makeup Artist | Tempest Knox

Hair Artist | Maria Clara Carvalho-Cohan

Dress Shop | Pearl's Place

Dj | Jhonny Denis

Officiant | Pastor Tim Fox

Caterer | GQ QUEsine

Florist | Christina Nicoletta Rings | Jewelers Trade Shop

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