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Is Wedding Videography Worth It?

One of the biggest debates while planning a wedding is whether or not wedding videography is a necessity for the wedding day? Some people may not understand the importance or WHY you may want/need videography for the day.

Many brides and grooms believe you have to choose between photography and videography on the wedding day, but they actually go hand in hand. They give you two TOTALLY different ways to relive your wedding. The Phocus team always gives this example...

If you have ONE day. That day comes and goes in a blink of an eye. You want as many ways to relive that day as possible. Photos give you a chance to see those moments on the wedding day, but video gives you the chance to really FEEL those moments. Watching a tear roll down a face, or seeing that laugh on grandma's face....all those little moments bring you back to that one day. So having as many ways to get back to your wedding is priceless.

We've sat down with some of our videographers to help you understand the top 5 reasons why people have wedding videography on the wedding day.

1. Wedding Videography helps capture MOVEMENT AND SOUND from your wedding day.

Although we know photography is a MUST on the wedding day, we 100% believe that wedding videography is just as important. We know that a photo speaks for itself. With video, you will be able to actually hear the voice of your loved one. Whether it's by hand written vows, toasts from the people closed to you or even hand written letter to each other, having that audio from your day together is irreplaceable.

2. Wedding Videos give others the chance to see your day.

With everything going on in the world right now, it sometimes makes it more difficult for every one of your loved ones to make it to the big day. Having your wedding video's ease of access can help your family feel as though they were there.

3. No regrets.

So many times we have couples debate on whether or not they want a wedding videographer on the wedding day. Some end up just doing it, while others are hesitant. We recently talked with a bride on what she would have done differently on the wedding day. Her one regret....not hiring a videographer to capture the day.

Unfortunately some moments may not last forever. Whether it's a first look with your dad who may not be here anymore, or a first dance with mom. No one is promised forever. So having as many ways possible to go back to those moments is priceless. I recently talked to a friend about how she wished she did a first look with her dad who has passed. Hearing his voice through that video can bring some back just for that small moment.

4. Helps you see your wedding day from different perspective.

There are so many moments that happen throughout the day...most of them are ones you don't want to forget. Having all the means necessary to remember each moment by is important. With videography, it gives you EVEN more ways to see your day... making sure that your wedding is captured a thorough as possible.

5. When you see a photo, you get to feel a moment. When you watch a video, you're seeing a collection of feelings and moments throughout the entire day.

Video has such a different feel than photos do. Each is unique and each is important. Twenty years from now, when you're showing your grandchildren your wedding day, don't just pull out your photos. Turn that wedding video on, let them see each moment.

To sum up all these points into one answer, the answer is YES! Videography on the wedding day is so important. We understand not every single bride and groom will have video of their wedding day, but we want you to know the importance of it and what you will potentially miss out on without having video.

We hope all your wedding planning is off to a great start! We are here if you need help on your wedding planning journey.

Much Love,


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