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Brittany + Justin's Downtown Pensacola Elopement

We get the opportunity to work with a LOT of military weddings... and we love it! Brittany and Justin messaged us a few months ago to see if we could capture their elopement in Downtown Pensacola before they got stationed in a different state. We moved some things around and got these two married just days before their big move!

Because of Covid, we've gotten the chance to do more elopements, and I honestly am not mad about it. A lot goes on throughout the wedding day and elopements are sooo different. There's such a laid back feel that I just love. Not just because of the ease of it, but the moments that get to happen between a bride and groom during an elopement. It's just us and the couple (and sometimes a few family members), no scheduled timeline and the freedom to go wherever the couple wants!

Brittany and Justin started out with a first look (which was our first time meeting them). Brittany was literally smiling from ear to ear and it was the sweetest thing. They exchanged vows and rings under a tree in front of Pensacola's Old Christ Church, shared a small cake and champagne, did a garter removal and ended near the Artel Gallery!

Sometimes, you don't need all the bells and whistles when it comes to the wedding day (especially in 2020). There is no "right" way to have your wedding. Each couple is different and unique and your wedding day should reflect you as a couple. If you want all the bells and whistles, DO IT. If you want a small elopement with just the two of you...DO IT!

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