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Supposey Warehouse & Gardens


With Supposey Warehouse & Gardens, you will immediately feel like you stepped into a wedding venue in a fairy tale. The natural light and romantic/industrial style makes it stand out amongst other venues.


Though it is one of Downtown Pensacola's newest wedding venues, the building itself has been around for more than 75 years.

This venue boasts 26 ft vaulted ceilings, 5,500 sq feet interior space, and 4,000 sq feet of garden space. 


The starting investment for this venue is $5,500 for weekdays and $7,500 for weekends.

Why Do you Love Hosting Weddings?

We love weddings because it is the best day of someone's life, and you get to see people at their happiest! It is always a celebration! 

Venue Details

We offer a downtown venue with capacity enough for large events or intimate gatherings. We offer private parking, and a large indoor ballroom in addition to our sprawling fountain gardens which are all private and include tables, chairs, dance floors, lighting, bars and more. We included all the setup and breakdown in house with a custom Layout Plan A + B.

What Makes your Venue Unique

Built in 1946, the warehouse features exposed wood beams in a stunning 26ft vaulted ceiling, natural skylights, and 5500+ sq. ft of open dreamy industrial space. Antique chandeliers and lighting transform the warehouse into the perfect setting. The adjoining Garden boasts 4000 sq. ft of natural southern beauty in a private tree lined space, with string lights creating an ideal urban atmosphere and fountain setting an audible beautiful aesthetic.

Real Phocus Weddings


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