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Why Should You Have a Second Shooter on the Wedding Day?


When booking your wedding photographer, most of them will have different packages for your wedding day. Some offer one single photographer, while others may offer a second shooter (or second photographer) which they hire on. You may be asking yourself, "what is a second shooter and why would I need one". Well you're about to read WHAT it is and WHY you need one!

What is a second shooter?

A second shooter is a photographer that works hand in hand with your primary photographer. It is a person your photographer hires on after booking. Their job (in a nutshell) is capturing moments from different angles, getting backup images, and just all in all helping the primary photographer out with the wedding day.

Why should I have a second shooter?

We come across this question often... "Why should I have a second shooter on my wedding day". We never say that you HAVE to, but we do let you know the benefits of having two shooters on your big day! We've sat down and dug deep on the top 8 reasons why having a second shooter is essential to the wedding day.

1. You get images shot from different angles.

When having one shooter, you're obviously not able to get EVERY photo from every single angle. Especially when it comes to the ceremony. Although you may have hired and amazing photographer, they still are only a single person. With the ceremony being probably one of the most important parts of the day, there are soooo many moments that come with it...The grooms look on his face, dad walking her down the aisle and all the little moments in between. When you have that second shooter, it makes it possible to have ALL of those moments.

2. Back up images for the Primary Photographer.

No one is perfect... I know, I know, not even your wedding photographer. Truth is, things CAN happen. When working with technology, you just never know. (knock on wood) Although we make sure to have many safeguards in place, cameras can decide to not turn on that day. A bride and groom may want a water photo, but what happens when that photographer falls and the entire camera goes in the water?? Having those back ups may just save your wedding. YES, things can happen. YES, we are always overly prepared...BUT, having that extra precaution can end up saving your wedding day.

3. You not only get creativity from one photographer but TWO different, creative minds!

Let's face it, you hired (or are looking to hire) a photographer based on their Personality, Style, or Creative Eye. Every photographer is different. Each one has a different style. There is no "right photographer", but there is a "right" one for you! Each photographer brings their own creativity and strengths. Photographers are sort of like chefs. Chefs take their skills and traits and put it together to create this yummy goodness. There are chefs who are well known for Italian, Chinese or Latin food, it just depends on what you like and are in the mood for. Photographers are (i guess you can say) like chefs. Each one is different and can bring something different to the table. Having that second photographer gives you that chance to bring multiple things to the table (or wedding day).

4. The More Images, The Better!

Let's face it, we are all our worst critic. One photo we may love while the next, the slight angle of our chin makes us feel "not the best". As a photographer, we know that. Although we try our best to make you look the best on your big day, having that second shooter gives you more options when going through your photos.

5. A second Shooter helps to capture the little details!

Throughout the day, there are so many details that need to be captured. Whether it's your actual details or close ups of moments (like the one below), you dont want to miss any of them. While your primary photographer is PHocused on the main shots, your second photographer will be looking for moments within those moments.

6. One photographer may miss moments.

Although your photographer is running around getting all the different moments of the day, there are special ones that could be missed without a second shooter. As the primary shooter may be out finishing up the rest of your family photos, your second shooter has more time to look out for moments like these.

7. A second shooter can help assist the primary photographer throughout the day.

Whether it's grabbing more batteries, setting up lights, changing out lenses or even holding a veil, a second shooter can also help be those extra hands for the day. Some shots that the photographer envisions may cause for a few more hands. For example, during a veil shot, a second shooter may help hold and move the veil for that one perfect shot.

8. While the main photographer is Phocusing on the main shots, the secondary can Phocus on those more candid moments.

There are many different moments that happen throughout the day. Right after the ceremony, while the photographer is continuing to take those photos of the bridal party walking down the aisle, the secondary photographer is hand in hand with the bride and groom, watching those first moments of them and their family greeting them after their ceremony. Moments like this can be missed without that secondary photographer.

9. Saves time throughout wedding day!

When you have two shooters, it helps save time throughout the day. If you're running behind on schedule, having one photographer taking photos of the girls and the other shooter doing photos of the guys can save a lot of time. While one photographer may be doing preparation photos of the bride and the bridesmaids, the second shooter may be off taking pictures of the reception venue and all other details...which in the long run, can save a ton of time. Other jobs of the second shooter could be organizing the family photos to make them quick and smooth....getting you into that reception faster!

Whether you're still on the fence about whether or not you should have a second shooter on your wedding day, just's YOUR wedding day. If you are comfortable with having just the primary photographer then go with it! Some people rather a more simple set up and that okay. If you're on the other hand and want it ALL. You want every chance to capture every moment of your wedding day, then get that second shooter, because you only have one chance at this day!

Hope this helped you on your wedding planning journey!

If you have any additional questions, feel free to reach out here!

Much Love,


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