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Valencia + Mark

The Sim's wedding day was full of laughter, love, and happy tears! The love that was shared for Valenica and Mark was undeniable! To say their wedding day was a joyous occasion is an understatement!

Number One Tip for Future Phocus Brides to Consider:Enjoy the time you do have!

"The wedding will not go perfectly as you plan it to be! It’s your day so make the best of it!"-Valencia

There are always bumps and bruises on the wedding day, but it's about how it all comes together in the end that matters!

What moment were you most looking forward to seeing in the photos?

"Lighting the Unity Candle."-Mark

There are so many variations of showing "unity" on the wedding day, and each are special in their own way! No matter which way you decide to show unity in a physical sense, they all showcase the love that you and your best friend have for each other.

What moment were you most looking forward to seeing in the photos?

"Sparkler Send off and our first dance!"-Valencia

Mark and Valencia's first dance was so special, because they took lessons on their choreographed dance! They were both very nervous before the reception, so we gave them a chance to practice beforehand to calm their nerves! It went absolutely perfect when the time came, and you could see how happy they were to be in this moment together.

How did you two meet?

"When we first met, I became a brand new manager to the store Mark was working at. It was NOT love at first sight, but it was made to be that way. Once Mark became part of management it became official."-Valencia

It's crazy to think that each and every couple has their own version on how their love story began! From fate having a toll of accidentally running into one another, to love at first sight! There are millions of ways people fall in love, but we never get tired of hearing how the story unfolds!

Tell us about THE dress!

"I went in knowing for a FACT I didn’t want a princess dress. I am not that kind of girl, I was always the “TomBoy”, but it just went beautifully for the location and part of me wanted to just go with it!"-Valencia

We loved Valencia's dress! Even though this was not what she imagined herself in, it fit her perfectly! She was absolutely glowing!

Tell Us About Your First Dance!

WHAT WAS YOUR FIRST DANCE SONG?:It’s Your Love by Tim Mcgraw


"We never had a song. We went through many to pick, and Mark and I both looked at each other and knew it was the one."-Valencia

Describe the BRIDE on your wedding day!

“Stunningly Breathtakingly Beautiful.”

“Calm and Collected”

“Happy and Energetic”-Mark

We couldn't agree more with Mark! Valencia was all of the above and more!

Describe the GROOM on your wedding day!

"Before the wedding, he was super LOUD and I could hear him behind the walls of the bridal room!! He was absolutely handsome! So Focused, calm, and in his love zone!"-Valencia

Mark was honestly having the best time of his life, and we could tell! He was so happy that this day had finally come to marry his bride.

What was the most EMOTIONAL part of the day and WHY?

"The whole ceremony from my bride walking down the aisle to the vows. Everything was perfect."-Mark

Personal vows are so special, because they are words that come straight from your heart to theirs. We have seen and heard many different variations to personal vows, because it unique to every couple. Mark and Valencia poured their heart out to each other, and it was such a magical moment to be a part of.

What was the most EMOTIONAL part of the day and WHY?

"Walking down the aisle seeing Mark at the alter. My Dad giving me away, and handing down the pennies. The vows that we said to each other, I was crying like a baby!"-Valencia

This moment is one that Mark, Valencia, and her dad will never forget! We may or may not have been crying behind our cameras.

What is ONE moment of your wedding you will always remember?

"All of It! It went by so fast. I will remember my Dad walking me down the aisle to see Mark, and my Dad giving me away. Our family dances were so much fun too! The secret bachelorette dance that stopped working in the middle of it many times! Lastly, Mark seeing me in my dress for the first time!"-Valencia

Valencia and her girls planned a special dance for Mark that he knew nothing about! We always love those surprise moments, and Valencia did a great job working that dance floor!

Favorite Part of the Phocus Experience?

"How energetic the photographers were! They were very helpful with clear directions for what they needed from us. They let us practice our first dance, and they just made the whole experience FUN!"-Valencia

We had so much fun spending the day with Valencia and Mark's closest friends and family! It was a day that was a long time coming, and even with those hiccups you can't always prepare for, it was great day!

Here are our favorites from the day!


DJ: M&M Sound

Catering: Sonny's BBQ

Mobile Bar: Tap the Coast

Photography: Phocus & Company

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