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The Henderson Styled Bridal Session

WOW....just wow. If you haven't been to the Henderson, you're definitely missing out! First off, it's ABSOLUTELY breathtaking. Second of all.. the staff there are the SWEETEST people and make you feel so welcome. And lastly, it's a photographers dream because of all the stunning photo opportunities.

A month before COVID started, we got to shoot our first wedding at the Henderson and it couldn't have been any more perfect... literally a textbook wedding! Amazing couple, the weather was perfect, the pictures started early, everything ran smoothly and there was a killer DJ ( you know we like a good party!) At that wedding, we met Brittany with Destin Mobile Makeup Box. She was the NICEST and most incredibly TALENTED makeup and hair artist. Let's face it, having the right team on your wedding day can make or break it! Right away, we knew we wanted to work with Brittany again so when she asked us about doing a styled bridal shoot, we had no hesitation!

Fast Forward to last week! Everything just lined up! We got the chance to work with the Bridal Suite in Pensacola! The ladies there are some of the sweetest and most genuine people! We found the PERFECT gown with lace that was simply timeless.

Brittany absolutely CRUSHED Erin's hair and makeup. Her loose curls and natural glam were just the touch we needed to complete this bridal look! Literally she is so talented... you probably couldn't tell but it was like 100 degrees outside and her makeup didn't move AT ALL! Future brides...get. you. a. GOOD. makeup. artist.!

To top it off, the bouquet was everything and MORE we could have asked for. Everyone was "oooing" and "awwing" at the gorgeous flowers Bella Flora made. The vibrant colors and textures were PERFECT for this shoot!

We had so much fun just wandering around the Henderson finding all the beautiful backdrops we could use. Trust me...there were TONS! From their front entrance, to their lawn, to all the beautiful stones, arches and balconies. We hit up all of it!

If you know us, you know we LOVE bridal shoots before the wedding day. There are SOOO many good things about it. 1) It makes for the PERFECT trial day for hair and makeup to make sure it's everything you want and more for your actual wedding day! 2) Wedding days can sometimes be a little stressful with so much going on. Doing your bridal photos before hand can be more relaxed and save some time on the actual wedding day. Not to mention having a few of your bridal photos on display at the wedding can be a plus! 3) It can also give you a whole different look than on your actual wedding day. If you're getting married in the mountains, but want beachy bridal all means go for it!

Your wedding day is suppose to be as stress free as possible. Don't stress about the little things! When all the details come together on the wedding day( and trust will), don't forget to enjoy every second, because yes, the flowers will wilt, the cake will be eaten, the guests will go home, but you remembering your wedding day as one of the greatest days of your life will stick with you.

Check out some of our favorites from this session...

Much Love,

Tim and Audrey


Flowers: Bella Flora

Hair and Makeup: Destin Mobile Makeup Box

Coordination: Destin To Wed

Photography: Phocus Photography

Model: Erin

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