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tarah & Cole

Meeting the Kranz's was such an amazing experience for us! They traveled all the way from Minnesota to have their dream beach wedding. It was a small and intimate wedding, which we adored the most! They wanted this day to be very relaxed, and a time to vacation away from the real world! I am 100% sure they accomplished just that from all the sunburns walking around on the wedding day! ;)

Number One Tip for Future Phocus Couples to Consider About The Wedding Day: Take wind into consideration when getting your hair done.

That wind was DEFINITELY not working in our favor that day, but we did our best to make sure Tarah rocked that "wind-blown" look!! Made her sassy walk that much easier!

What moment were you most looking forward to seeing in the photos/video? Full bridal party photos!

What a goofy bunch they were too! They took every challenge I threw at them with ease! It helps to have a crazy bunch backing you up on the best day of your life, so choose wisely! ;)

How did you two meet? On Bumble.

Low and behold....the lovely world of online dating! Adding another success story in the history! Tarah and Cole compliment each other so well with their "go-with-the-flow" personality. They just loved being there for each other, and anytime they made eye contact, it was nothing but laughter!

Tell us about THE dress! What made you fall in love? The elegance was perfect for a beach wedding. I loved the details in the bodice to contrast the simplicity of the gown/train.

We loved how elegant and simple Tarah's dress was! It was just the dress we imagined her to wear, and she wore it PERFECTLY!

What was your first dance song, and why did you choose it? Amazed by Lonestar - Cole loves this song, and we have danced to it at other weddings so it seemed perfect.

Describe what you felt when you saw your bride on your wedding day: Oh hey, it’s Tarah. She looks nice.- Cole

Exactly how you read Cole's response, is exactly how chill he was! He was so excited to get the day started because it's been a while coming!

Describe what you felt when you saw your groom on your wedding day: Calmed my nerves for the rest of the day. He cleans up pretty nice too ;)-Tarah

What was the most emotional part of the day for you? Walking down the aisle-Tarah

From the moment Tarah walked out of those doors, Cole and Tarah's eyes were locked on each other. Not another person was on this balcony with them!

What was the most emotional part of the day for you? Saying the vows.

This moment in time was truly magical for every single one of us that day! It was such a beautiful moment to hear Tarah and Cole vow to love each other for years and years to come, especially in one of the most beautiful places on this earth!

What is ONE moment of your day that you will always remember? Speeches from our brothers.

Tarah and Cole's siblings understood the assignment of their speeches, or should I say their roasts! There was so much laughter, and truly seeing the relationship they had with each other through words. There were tears, laughters, and a whole bunch of sibling rivalry, all out of love of course! ;)

Favorite part of the Phocus Experience? We loved having Sara do our photos!! She made it so easy and kept everything moving along smoothly. Thank you so much!

Cole and Tarah's wedding day could not have gone any more perfect than it did! It truly was just a day of celebration, will catching those sun rays in the meantime! Now they will always have this beautiful memory to remember in the years to come in one of their favorite places to share together!

Here are some of our favorites from the day!


Venue: Pier Suite

Photographer: Phocus and Company

DJ or Band: Boogie Inc

Bakery/Cake Shop: Sweet Creations

Florist: Fiore

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