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Sharon + Rod

If you ever cross paths with Sharon and Rod in your lifetime, they will probably tell you how many bumps and bruises they gained throughout the wedding planning process. From having to change their venue, not once, not twice, but three times, and then throwing a world-wide pandemic on top of all that. You can definitely say they went through SO MUCH to make it to their big day! Nonetheless, love prevailed, and their day was nothing short of B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L!!!

Number One Tip for Future Phocus Brides to Consider: "Make sure you have fun on your big day!" -Sharon

One thing we always try to remind our couples, is to take a step back from the hustle and bustle of the day, and really remember what the day is all about. Yes, you may not be able to find that necklace, or those flowers are running a little late, but at the end of the day, you will finally be able call your special someone your husband or wife! Enjoy the day, and have fun because it goes in the blink of an eye!!

What moment were you most looking forward to seeing in the photos?

"I don’t know I’m just excited!" -Rod

"Seeing all of the pictures!" -Sharon

Rod and Sharon really made our job a little tooooo easy! The love they have for each other was quite literally oozing from their pores. Everyone couldn't help but smile when around them!

How did you two meet?

"Blind date set up by Taya and Kenny Johnson who were a part of our wedding. He was Kenny’s good friend and I was hers!" -Sharon

These two nailed both ends of the spectrums for us. From laughing so hard that their cheeks hurt, to all the seriousness and sensuality they could channel. Life is about finding that perfect balance, and Sharon and Rod absolutely balance each other out!

Tell us about THE dress!

"Omg I just knew I had my dress picked out. Mary Beth, from the bridal suite, said she had one more dress for me to try on. When I did, I came out the room, looked in the mirror, and my sister-in-law, Kristal had tears in her eyes! As I turned around, my body got hot, and I was so excited!! That’s when I knew THIS was the dress!" -Sharon

OKAYYYY! Sharon and this dress!!! Her dress was absolutely made for her! As soon as she put it on, her face lit up and all the feels came flooding in! Every inch of that dress made her feel like the QUEEN she is!!

Tell Us About Your First Dance!


"The reason" by Charlie Wilson -Sharon


"We chose this song because it says everything we both feel for each other. He is the reason I love. God definitely sent me an angel, that I now get to call my husband!" -Sharon

During the first dance, you could feel the love these two have for each other flowing through the very air. The moment the song started, it was as if nobody else was in the room but Sharon and Rod.

Describe the BRIDE on your wedding day!

"Man! She was stunning! I had to hold back the tears, because I didn’t want to ugly cry! She was absolutely beautiful! I said "Man, that’s all mine! That’s MY wife!" -Rod

Describe the GROOM on your wedding day!

"Super fine! He’s already fine, but he was SUPER fine that day! I love him so much. I smiled the entire time walking down the aisle to him!" -Sharon

What was the most EMOTIONAL part of the day and WHY?

"Just being alone. Kenny, the guy that introduced us, caught me tearing up! I was just thinking about everything that we had encountered leading up until that day! Sharon has always been there for me, and I for her! Her love for me is unconditional! She has a big heart, and that’s one of the many reasons I love her." -Rod

What was the most EMOTIONAL part of the day and WHY?

"There were quite a few things, but mainly how hard we both worked for this day. I wish my sister was living to be by my side, and her not being here always puts me in another place." -Sharon

We all know that wedding days are filled with SO many different emotions. Happiness, because you are finally being able to put a ring on that finger..... Excitement, because the day has finally comes after months and months of planning to make your dream day come true....Sadness, maybe for the ones that aren't able to make your big day, but you know they are still in your heart.....and finally, love. Love is the root of WHY your day has come together. It brings all family together from all over the world, just to celebrate one of the happiest days of your life!

What is ONE moment of your wedding you will always remember?

"Baby !!!!!!!!!How hype my bridesmaids were when they first saw me!! Thank you Tim, for the extra hype!!" -Sharon

Honestly, we would pay some gooooddddd money to have Sharon's hype crew at every wedding!! In this moment, her ladies already started their stank walk into the room, dancing to "I Look Good" by Chalie Boy, in SYNC I might add!! If you haven't heard that yourself a favor, go turn it on, and let the music take over! Sharon then walked out the door, as the GODDESS she is, and cheers that could be heard for MILES, let loose! I will never forget this moment that formed chills from head to toe! The ULTIMATE hype crew!!!!

To sum it up, Sharon and Rod's wedding planning did not exactly go to plan, but in the end, their day was as beautiful as they are. Full of smiles, tears, and laughter!

Favorite Part of the Phocus Experience?

"Tim, Tim ,Tim,Tim, Tim ,Tim, and more Tim! You are amazing ! You're patient, kind, empathetic, understanding, fun, professional , and you go above and beyond for your brides and groomsman! You are damn good at what you do! Your presence is calming! Your entire team is! I love you Tim. I have since the first day I met you! Your personality is everything!" -Sharon

Here are a few of our favorites from the day!!


Hair: F. Pettway

Coordinator/ Florist/ Decor/ Rentals/ Invitations: Memorable Moments Events LLC

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