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Seth and Giana

Not only are Seth and Giana the sweetest people you will EVER meet; but their family was just as kind. They literally just make you feel like family. This wedding was honestly so special to us. Over their engagement, we got the chance to know them more on a personal level, so seeing them on their wedding day made it extra special.

What moment were you most looking forward to seeing in the photos?

"A picture with my brother, Chris, and the intimate photos with just Giana and myself."-Seth

We've been dying to do this shot with one of our grooms! When we met Seth, we knew he would be down to try it. When we asked him about it on the wedding day. He didn't stop. He didn't hesitate. He simply said, "Let's do it!" It literally was everything and more I could have hoped for. The joy on Seth and his brother's face was priceless. If you know the Phocus Team, you know one of our goals is to "Deliver a Feeling". Sad, Happy, Excited, Emotional...ALL of it. When I look at this photo, I find myself smiling because I feel the excitement he had that day.

"When Seth looked at me coming down the aisle, and the champagne shot!"-Giana


We knew at the beginning of the day that Seth's reaction to seeing Giana was going to be very emotional for him....and it was. It was the sweetest thing too.

"How'd you two meet? "We met in 7th grade and had class together in 8th grade. We never really knew each other that well. We dated in high school from 9th grade through the summer before our senior year then we broke up right before senior year happened. After we went our separate ways for the next 3-4 years. We finally reconnected after we experienced life as individuals and grew up, and have been running through life together since 2016."

Tell us about THE dress!

"First off shout out to Brandi from The Bridal Loft! It was the best experience ever! I had my eye set on one dress that I thought I liked. After putting it on it swallowed me and thankfully Brandi recommended the one I said YES to! Seth's mom described it as if the designer literally pictured ME and had ME in his mind as he was creating this dress. It was beautiful. I also asked Seth what he thought the dress looked like and he said strapless with gold accents because he had a dream about it."

WHAT WAS YOUR FIRST DANCE SONG?: "Speechless by Dan + Shay...Originally, we were going to choose XO by Beyoncé. The first time I heard this song, was when Beyoncé sang it during Kobe Bryant’s Celebration of Life at the Staples Center. In that moment, I thought it was a song of sadness, but as I constantly had it on repeat, I realized it was a song of love. Giana and I danced to it trying to practice for a first dance and it just didn’t feel right. We heard Speechless by Dan + Shay and I think we both knew immediately that’s what we wanted. The words to the song are so true. The song felt perfect for the moment, and I think we killed it during our first dance."

Describe the BRIDE on your wedding day! "With or without crying again? During the Maid of Honors speech, Frankee told a story about the night before the wedding. We were upstairs in our beach house just hanging out. It was Giana’s maid of honor Frankee, Angela, Serra, and my groomsman Jarett. We were just sitting talking and laughing about who knows what. Frankee then pats me on the back, and I looked at her and just cried as she hugged me. I was so excited to marry My Bride. The day of, my guys and I are in the gentlemen’s suite at Sowell Farms playing pool, drinking beer, and watching football. Tim came in the suite and told me it was time to get dressed. Immediately, I had the worst headache, chest tightness, and knot in my stomach because the butterflies and nerves kicked in BAD. But all because I was just excited to see My Bride. 3:30PM, the ceremony starts, my groomsmen are walking up to the alter looking sharp as hell and my brother gave me a talk that really calmed me down, so at this point, I’m feeling good. As I’m standing there, I am told to turn towards the fireplace, and I’m balling my eyes out. Our wedding officiant, Tom Schwarz, tells me Giana is ready and to turn around. I simply couldn’t. He told me about twice to turn around before I actually did because I couldn’t stop crying. I took about 2 really deep breaths and turned around. I’ve told Giana countless times, I will never forget that moment when I turned to My Bride. There about 105 maybe 110 people in attendance, I didn’t see a soul. Everything was blacked out and the only person I saw my was My Bride. I didn’t even see her dad as she was walking down the aisle. Seeing my beautiful Bride in that dress is a single moment I will NEVER forget. Seeing her dancing and spinning in that wedding dress, how fitting it was to her body, and to commit my life to her in front of loved ones are lifelong memories. During our engagement session, Audrey asked me what am I most looking forward to about the wedding. In an instant I said, “How happy she will be with her family here. Giana’s side had family from Hawaii, Kansas, Texas, and Washington and here in Florida all come together and that is beyond rare. But having them all together on our day made her the happiest girl in the world, and gave her the dream wedding she always wanted. I am still so in awe, and will never forget how beautiful and how happy she was."-Seth

Describe the GROOM on your wedding day! "My groom was such an emotional wreck since before the wedding day. He came to the venue with all the decor and immediately helped with all the set up with Frankee. I wasn’t really nervous until I actually put my dress on. I couldn’t wait to see my groom. He always told me he was going to cry and sure enough when he turned around it was the sweetest most pure reaction I’ve ever seen. I looked at him the entire time as if everyone was blurred out of the picture. The happiness I could see in his eyes I will never forget."-Giana

What was the most EMOTIONAL part of the day and WHY?

If I had to chose 1, easily when I turned to see Giana for the first time."-Seth

"Most definitely the first look with my dad it was a special moment as I’m the youngest and the only girl. It was priceless when I tapped his shoulder and he looked over."-Giana

What is ONE moment of your wedding you will always remember?

"Turning around to My Bride for the first time, breaking down crying, and looking at my soon to be wife walking down the aisle towards me."-Seth

"Being surrounded with all our close family and friends who were able to attend to celebrate US! It was the most perfect day I will never forget."-Giana

What was something unique you saw at their wedding?

First of all, they had so many things incorporated into their day that simply reflected them as a couple. Giana's family is from Hawaii, so they incorporated that throughout the entire day. Seth and all the guys wore Hawaiian Leis (which smelled ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! ) You could smell them from 100 feet away. It made me want to get on a plane and fly straight to Hawaii.

Second, they had the AMAZING Tap the Coast there! Not only do they bring the drinks, but they also bring the fun! Their team is absolutely amazing and can bring any party to life. I think it's safe to save everyone enjoyed having them there! (Like seriously how cute is their mobile bar??)

During the reception, Giana's family planned a surprise Hawaiian dance for the couple and it was so warming and fun. EVERY person in the reception loved it. Everyone clapped, danced and had the best time.

Favorite Part of the Phocus Experience?

"That this wasn’t simply a client/vendor experience. Tim, Audrey, Sara, and Harrison became family. Tim and I have talked to each other countless times about so many things and Tim has helped me through some dark times. I am forever grateful for these beautiful, kind spirited people, and can’t wait to continue our friendship."-Seth

"The energy the whole team has. They made us feel comfortable. It felt like we were a natural at all the poses. We have created a friendship throughout the year that we will always have! Communication has been so simple and easy since day 1. It’s uncomfortable having pictures taken of us sometimes, but you guys made it comfortable, easy, and so much fun!" -Giana


Ceremony Venue: Sowell Farms

Reception Venue: Sowell Farms

Videographer: Phocus Photography

Mobile Bar: Tap the Coast

Photo Booth: Tap the Coast

Hair Stylist: Kendra Korn

Makeup Artist: Sara Ates

Dress Shop: The Bridal Loft

Officiant: Tom Schwarz

Cake: Publix

Coordinator: Ashlie Sowell

Decor/Rentals: Sowell Farms

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