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Ryan + Brittany

Tell us about THE dress!

I got my dress at the Bridal Suite! It was the second store me and my girls went to, when we got there I instantly started to feel like a bride. I had all of my girls pick a dress they thought would look amazing on me and be the ONE! The first dress I tried on was the one my Maid of honor Alicia picked, and as soon as I put it on I started to cry. Of course I still had to try on the other ones, but none of them compared to the way my dress made me feel. I felt like a princess and that is all I wanted. I tired my dress back on and I cried again and so did all of my girls, I just knew that was the ONE for me. -Brittany

How did she look?

She looked completely different then my dreams. She was better! She looked like my world walking to me. Everything could have been on fore and it would have been ok cause I had her to look at and I know everything was ok. I have no simple word to describe her but if I did had to choose one it would be "perfect". -Ryan

What were you looking forward to the most for your wedding day?

I was looking forward to seeing all of our guest having a good time at the wedding, and Brittany walking down the aisle. -Ryan

I'm looking forward to seeing the loving look Ryan gives me captured in a photo forever! -Brittany

How did he look?

Ryan looked as handsome as he always does, but even more that day because he was the only one I could see when I walked down the aisle.  It didn't matter to me that everyone was staring at me, because all I could do was look at him in disbelief that I am the lucky one that gets to be with him for the rest of our lives. Ryan took my breath away like he always does. -Brittany

What stood out to us about Mr. and Mrs. Greene's Wedding?

One amazing part that made us crazy about Ryan and Brittany's wedding was their ability to welcome everyone into their big day and make them feel like family (Even if they weren't related) and to cherish at least one moment with each guest at their wedding. One of the many guests at their wedding was Ryan's Uncle. He was not able to physically attend the wedding because of health issues, but as the saying goes "Where there's a will...", They made a way for him to still attend! Every wedding offers a moment(s) that makes it unlike any other, and this moment was one we will never forget! -Tim & Audrey

The Venue

Kalioka Stables in Mobile, Alabama, offers a beautiful canvas of rolling hills as a gorgeous backdrop fit any brides dream day! Being surrounded by serene horses and a stunning still pond, made for a nature-lover's paradise. -Tim & Audrey

Why did you choose your first dance song?

We had a few songs that we really liked, but our song was a perfect match for us, because we are best friends. He is the one that I always go to with everything, and I am the one he goes to. The lyrics to the song is just perfect for our relationship in every single way. -Mr. and Mrs. Greene

Big tip for future Brides:

Don't stress over everything, your wedding day is supposed to be a day you remember for years to come, and the last thing you want to do is stress about it. Just remember you are marrying your bestfriend at the end of the day, and that is all that matters! -Brittany

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