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Pensacola Bay Bridge


Over the past months, the Pensacola Bay Bridge has been under a little face lift. When we first drove past it, we knew right away we HAD to shoot there! We had the whole vision in our heads and we were dying to photograph it! Fast forward to when they completed it. It was on Monday they announced it was finally OPEN and we planned on going out of town on Thursday. Let's just say we made the shoot happen. We quickly messaged Devon and Jen last minute and had the ladies over at the Bridal Suite lend us this gorgeous red ballgown! Like seriously...look at that dressssss!

Fast forward to the day of shooting. We had pre-warned Jen and Devon that it was going to be a little walk... to be exact about 3 miles. Needless to say, these two were up for the challenge.

Honestly the walk wasn't bad AT ALL.. it was super enjoyable. By the time we got to the top, it literally felt like we were on a cruise ship. There was the PERFECT breeze, the sun was setting and there was water for miles. It could be the fact that we are missing those cruise vacations (thanks to COVID, it's been a while since our last cruise but, it made me excited for our next one (hopefully this New Years.... if all goes to plan!)

Anyways, here's a small look into this gorgeous session on the Pensacola Bay Bridge BEFORE Hurricane Sally.

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