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Logan + Nick's Pensacola Yacht Club Wedding

Number One Tip for Future Phocus Brides to Consider: "Make sure to enjoy every moment!"-LOGAN

Tell us about THE dress! "We actually only went to 2 different stores and only tried on like 6 dresses total but when I tried on the one I instantly knew it was what I was looking for! I knew I wanted a lot of lace detailing and an open back and my dress was literally exactly what I had always pictured me wearing. One of the coolest parts was when we went shopping and found my dress at the Bridal Loft, it was around Christmas 2018 and my favorite Christmas song which is Canon in D  by Trans Siberian Orchestra came on when I walked out and showed everyone and I immediately started crying because it was so surreal that that song in particular came on the moment I walked out! Fast forward to our wedding day, that is the song I walked down the aisle to!"-LOGAN

Tell Us About Your First Dance!

WHAT WAS YOUR FIRST DANCE SONG?: "Annies song by John Denver

WHY DID YOU CHOOSE THAT SONG?:"Nick showed me this song when we first started dating and we literally made the decision then that if we got married it would be our first dance. We would always listen to it together and it just had a very special meaning to us!"-LOGAN

Describe the BRIDE on your wedding day! She was so beautiful and stunning the moment I saw her walk down the isle. It was so surreal to finally we able to see her walk down to me. We hadn’t talked or seen each other all morning and I was so incredibley excited! She honestly stole the show with the beautiful gown she was wearing, it was a show stopper for sure! She looks so happy and it made me the most happiest man in the world!-NICK

Describe the GROOM on your wedding day!Honestly it couldn’t wait to see him it was so nerve racking but also exciting that we hadn’t seen each other all day! When I saw him standing at the end of the isle I was so happy!!! He looked so incredibley happy and so handsome and the grey suit looked phenomenal on him! The way his eyes lit up when he saw me was amazing and I couldn’t wait to marry him!-LOGAN

What was the most EMOTIONAL part of the day?

"Watching Logan walk down the aisle."-NICK

"Seeing my dad for the first look!"-LOGAN

What is ONE moment of your wedding you will always remember? "The fact that we got to take pictures on the boat was awesome!! And that Phocus spoke it in to existence and then BAM we were on the boat!! Also our first dance was something we’ll always remember because that was the first thing we decided on would be at our wedding before we even got engaged!"-LOGAN


Photography:Phocus Photography

Photo Booth: Phocus Photo Booth (Phocus Photography)

Videographer: Written In Film

Event Coordinator: Scott Segers (Pensacola Yacht Club)

Dress Shop: The Bridal Loft

Decor: Lilly Catering/Decor

Tux: Gents

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