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Kristin + Nick

If you aren't freaking out (even just a little) about things going "wrong" on your wedding day, then you are a lot like Nick and Kristin! They showed up ready to seize the day, enjoy each other (and their daughter Avi), and soak in all the love from their family. They were fully care-free and I loved it!

Whoever said "Only the bride should wear white" was WRONG! Change my mind, but until then look at how great this bridal party looked slaying it in ALL WHITE! Traditions are always great and appreciated, BUT adding your own spin on the wedding makes your love story even more unique!

Describe your SPOUSE on the wedding day:

"Kristin was so stunningly beautiful that only tears of joy could ever come close to describing what I saw. I will forever treasure the moment I turned around to look at her for the first time, in her wedding dress, coming to join me to recite our vows." -Nick

"So handsome! I loved the color of his tuxedo and he is always so charming and knows how to make me laugh" -Kristin

The one moment Kristin and Nick will never forget from their wedding day is when the zebras at Sowell Farms greeted them right after their sunset sparkler exit! Getting to have exotic animals within just a few feet of you on your wedding day is a sure-fire way to have a one of a kind memory!

Tip to future brides: "Have a Bar menu. Even if it's small/short" -Kristin

I totally agree with Kristin! Adding a specialty drink menu is great way to show off a little personality and your fun loving side (even if it's a mocktail). It gives your guests something to drink that is outside of the ordinary; guaranteeing one more way to make your wedding unforgettable!

I can't lie to you, it is feeling REALLY GOOD to get closer and closer back to "normal" with these weddings. What other job can you have that gets to celebrate love, even when the world is crazy and full of negativity?!? #LoveMyJob

Here are a few more of our favorite shot! Till Next Time,

Much Love,


The team that made it all happen:

Hair: Ellie Edmonds

Menswear: Nixon's

Cake: Publix

Photo Booth: Sowell Farms

Custom Dresses: A Plus Curves

Catering: Whistling Pig

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