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Keanna and Avery

Bridal party in the field.

We got the chance of photographing Keanna and Avery a few months back...let me just tell you how gorgeous it was. These two are two of the kindest people you can ever meet and the chemistry between them was fireeeee.

What was something extra special on the wedding day?

There is no doubt that Keanna is very loved by the people in her life. Throughout all the weddings we have shot, we get to see all kinds of different types of families. Some families, let's just say that we have to try to keep them separate as best as we can. While others, come together to celebrate the day with all differences aside, Keanna's family was so loving. Both her dad and her stepdad were two of the sweetest souls and they love each of them have for keanna was definitely shown.

Why was the wedding so emotional?

The emotion throughout the day was definitely there. It was such a big moment, not only for Keanna and Avery, but also their families. There were so many moments filled with happy tears, and I may have gotten a little mist in my eyes as well.

Father of the bride crying during the ceremony.

Did the bride and groom decide to do a traditional look or a first look.

The bride and groom decided to go more traditional on their wedding day. Instead of doing a first look and seeing each other before, they decided to make it special by seeing each other while walking down the aisle. The emotion and excitement on Avery's face was so sweet.

Grooms reaction to the bride walking down the aisle.

Describe the wedding?

The wedding day was very stress free. All the family was very welcoming and made the day so easy and enjoyable.They were so attentive to the couple and I know Avery and Keanna had the time of their lives.

Here are some from their wedding day!


Venue // Sowell Farms

Makeup Artist // Sarah Nicolle

Hair Artist // Chelsey Domschke

Cocktail Hour Singer// Jessie Ritter

DJ // Mike with Magic Music

Caterer// In & Out Kitchen

Cake// Melody Davis

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