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Journey To The Unknown

Life is full of different journeys... Every day you have the opportunity to try new things, go new places, and meet new people. I think I'll always remember the day we met Adam and Danielle... I had that feeling (I sometimes get); I knew they were something special. It was in the end of May of last year while we were at a bridal expo and I saw them walk by. Inside, I knew I just had to talk to them! There was the thought, "What if I approached them and they didn't want to talk to me? What if they thought I was weird? What if they thought I was too pushy?" You see, life can be full of "What If's" but you never know where life will take you unless you take a chance. The statement "You won't succeed unless you try", is completely true. Don't let fear stop you from going new places, trying new things and even meeting new people. You see, if I wouldn't have taken the chance and approached Adam and Danielle (yes, they may have thought I was crazy), but if I didn't take that chance, I would have missed out not only on an opportunity to capture the love between two amazing people, but I would have missed out on our one of kind friendship.

Mobile, Alabama Engagement Session


Tim Sewell

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