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Jimmy + Cara

After waiting SIX YEARS to finally tie the knot, their dreams came true. While they faced many road blocks and trials, from building a new home, caring for sick loved ones, and fighting the current pandemic, Jimmy and Cara have pulled together and committed to making their wedding day picture perfect.

In times of uncertainty, LOVE PREVAILS.

As a bride planning every little detail and making sure all the pieces fit together, how do you know when you found THE DRESS? In our opinion (and what we tell every Phocus Bride), try on EVERYTHING! Stray outside of your box of "normal", because you will be surprised to find the perfect dress in the last place you would have normally looked! For Cara, that show-stopping, jaw-dropping dress was found at CC's Bridal Boutique in Tampa, Florida.

"Tried it on and literally cried, but in a good way. It just fit perfectly, and was everything I wanted!" -Cara


It can be so challenging to slow down and breathe after you hurry and hustle during for months leading up to the wedding day, but Cara says this.

"Take a moment the day of to sit in silence and absorb the day. There is so much going on around you that it’s hard to slow down and appreciate the memories. I’ll forever remember sitting on my balcony in my wedding dress ready to leave and having that moment to myself. Life changing and magical."

Why hire a photographer?

The moments that we live and breathe for, don't really have true value until that moment has already slipped from your fingertips. The only thing that remains is a photo. This photo will live on beyond those seconds and minutes, and will be able to transport you back in time to relive that moment. Often (especially on a wedding day), we miss tiny moments because of the endless need to be everywhere at once. Your wedding photographer is there to not only capture the moments you WERE a part of, but also the ones you WISH you were a part of!

More on the subject of preserving memories, Jimmy put it best,

"When she walked down the aisle, time froze"

It actually did, because these photos took those moments and "froze time" in a tangible way.

How did He/She look?

"Sooooo handsome! And he looked so happy it made me so emotional because the time was finally here after 6 years of being together. He was the most handsome thing I had ever seen! I love him so much!"


"Breathtaking and everything I dreamed she would be." -Jimmy

All in all, Mr and Mrs Croussore rose to the challenges that faced them and conquered them with an unforgettable day! They really let their love shine!

Much Love,

Tim and Audrey

Coordination, Catering, Cake: Adonna's Bakery

Videography/Photography: Phocus Photography

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