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Jenee + Casey

At home weddings are some of my FAVES!!! It has a sense of nostalgia being planted in your hearts. Something just sounds right about celebrating your 5, 10, 20 year anniversary and the kids or grandkids are running around the back yard where it all began. *Sigh* That's what the hopeless romantics dream of! And here is Jenee and Casey making those fairytale dreams a reality. Mr and Mrs Shuler decided to forego the "typical" wedding experience and funnel the wedding funds into creating a euphoric escape in their backyard! They spent countless months renovating their house and created the perfect setting for a garden party.

What is the ONE moment you will always remember from your wedding day? "We decided on a backyard wedding hosted at our first home together. It was a reno home and we had been working very hard on the house and yard for 2 years in anticipation of hosting our wedding for our family and friends. Just to see how amazingly beautiful the yard looked and came together. Feeling proud of all our hard work and being able to share that space with our family and friends. This made it the most memorable." -Jenee and Casey

Tell us about THE DRESS! "Bridal Suite fit me with the most amazing dress! I felt amazing in my dress! Tip: always check to see if you can sit in the dress comfortably!" -Jenee

Tips for future Phocus Brides "Ask yourself, what is the most important thing we want out of the wedding. Ask in every decision, “will this really matter to us when it’s all over?” “Is this really important to us?” Because there are a lot of decisions you’ll be making and it can get very muddy and very expensive. The day goes by super fast and I now realize, a lot of the things I worried about or stressed about was not even noticed by us or our guests. Keep things simple. Ask your fiancé, what do we want out of this big day and what would make us (not family or friends) the most happy!" -Mrs. Shuler

What will the Phocus Team never forget? "One thing we ABSOLUTELY LOVED was Mr and Mrs Shuler's choice of transportation! When Jenee told us that they would be renting a trolley for their big day, the ideas of the possibilities started flooding our minds! We are so in love with the good times that happened and the photos that came from them!"


Here are a few more of our favorite shots!

Till Next Time,

Much Love,

Tim & Audrey

Venue: Shuler Residence; Pensacola, Florida

Coordination: Southern Frills

Catering: Cactus Cantina

Photography: Phocus Photography

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