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Jarrett + Alex

When we are planning our engagement sessions with our couples, we always try to showcase who they are. We asked Jarrett and Alex what they both enjoyed doing, and their mutual love is for PIZZA!!! So you know we took that, and ran with it! For MONTHS, we have been dyinggggg to shoot their engagement, because we knew how genuine and fun their session was going to be! What better way to enjoy pizza, then a picnic on top a parking garage!?!

Being able to be apart of their journey is already SO rewarding, but also being able to make memories, and have fun while doing it, makes it THAT much more special to us!

These two have very different personalities, but they are definitely made for each other. The way they looked at each other, it was as if nobody else was around for miles. Living in the moment, and making it their own.

You know you've found the one you're meant to spend your life with when no matter what you do, or where you go, everyday is an adventure. From having a picnic on top of a parking garage, to merely exploring downtown together. Life is all about finding those little joys in life that you can look back on in ten years, and have a smile grow from ear to ear!

Alex and Jarrett radiated with so much love for one another! Their smiles and laughter were so infectious that we all got lost in the moment together. From the super casual, laid-back pizza eating competition, to the high-fashion swanky bar shots, they made this all too easy for us!

Their session was SO much fun, and definitely checked this off on our bucket-list! Here are few memories we LOVED!!

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