I Love You DEIRly!

What were the emotions on the wedding day? We see so many different emotions from wedding days...excitement, nervousness, stress, joy. I will say, I didn't really see any stress or even nervousness on the day of. Sierra and Franklin were literally glowing ALL day from the excitement of just being married and having everyone there celebrating them! The wedding day was completely flawless (yes, that can happen). Everything simply fell into place.

What was one thing you think the guests really enjoyed at the wedding? Where do I even begin?? Sierra could have went into the wedding planning business. She thought of so many unique details to incorporate into her day, such as a fresh LAVENDER station (with a sign that said " Please make yourself a bag to remember the sweet aroma of love!"). My favorite thing would have to be the Mimosa Station! Not only did she have mimosas for everyone, but she had all kinds of different purees and fruits to add to your customizable mimosa! How AWESOME is that?!

What made the ceremony so special? The ceremony was absolutely perfect! You could literally just see the excitement on Sierra and Franklin's face throughout the whole thing! It was just PERFECT! One thing that made it EXTRA special was that Sierra's mom actually officiated the wedding. What better way of incorporating her mom than having her perform the actual ceremony...talk about having a front row seat!

What were the colors chosen at the wedding? Oh My Gosh! I Absolutely LOVED the color choices Sierra and Franklin chose! They incorporated soft pastel colors with greenery! Sierra's bouquet included tons of greenery (and Eucalyptus...which smelled AMAZING). They colors were so perfect for their intimate, outdoor Sunday afternoon wedding!

What details did she include in her wedding day? Sierra's details were so pretty. She had a simple, yet perfect necklace, and her ring was GORGEOUS! Her dress was perfect for the feel of the wedding. It had a very vintage yet romantic feel which matched the venue perfectly!

How was the weather on the wedding day? Sierra and Franklin decided to do a Sunday afternoon wedding...and the weather couldn't have been any better! Let's face it, photographers don't typically enjoy a cloudless, sun beaming down on us kind of day....(squinty eyes, super bright photos and hot guests aren't the best thing). Their wedding was absolutely perfect though.. the clouds covered the entire wedding day and there was a gentle breeze throughout the ceremony and reception. It couldn't have been any better!

What was their first dance like?

Sierra and Franklin just enjoy being together. During the ENTIRE day, you could just see how much they love being together. As I watched them do their first dance, I could see Sierra taking in the moment while holding Franklin tight. Throughout the reception, they would grab each other to dance and you could see how they felt at home in each others arms. I see some couples feel awkward because there are so many people around watching them....this wasn't the case. Their closest friends and family were there and it was a day of celebrating the love between Sierra and Franklin. It couldn't have been any more perfect!


Venue: The Burch House

Florist: Hummingbirds Flowers & Events

DJ: 850 Entertainment

Caterer: Pensacola Cooks Kitchen

Cake: Sierra Deir

Hair/Makeup: The Penton House