I Have Found the One Whom My Soul Loves

Where do I even begin?? We met Asha at a bridal expo earlier this year. We meet SO many people when we attend these expos, but I will never forget meeting Asha. She is the type of person you always remember. As my wife and I looked down the aisle, (let me remind you, there are hundreds of people) both of our eyes caught Asha. There was something about her that just stood out from the crowd! When she finally walked over, we got to talking with her and her mom (such a sweet lady). We laughed and literally cried together while chatting. I don't know if it was how joyful she was or the sweet spirit she has... There was just something special about this one. Fast Forward to meeting Stephan.... Literally two people MADE for each other. The way Asha looks at Stephan and the way Stephan makes Asha laugh is LITERALLY something out of a movie. The love that is in this couple is something SO special and it radiates off of them! It reminds me of Song of Solomon 3:4. It talks about a woman that goes throughout the streets looking for "the one". She passed many men but knew none of them were him. When she laid eyes on her true love, she knew it was him from that moment. She held on and wouldn't let go because that was the one her heart longed for. You see, when you find "The One", you hold on and don't let them go. I 100% know that Asha has found "THE ONE" with Stephan!

Check out some of my favorite moments from their engagement session BELOW!!

(This will forever be my favorite progression!)