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Hannah & Jason

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

Couple walks along Pensacola beach together

Hannah and Jason were the sweetest people to work with! Not only them, but their whole family was so welcoming on the wedding day. When we arrived, everyone was hustling and busting getting their hair and makeup done just in time for their portraits. Shoutout to Bride Guide Pros for kicking butt and making everyone looking their best!

Hannah was so laid back and excited for all the moments of the day. Her hype crew was 100% on it! Pumping her up, making sure she knew what a goddess she looked like (especially with that cape) they were definitely the perfect group!

Number One Tip for Future Phocus Couples to Consider About The Wedding Day: Relax and take in every moment!

Jason and Hannah were very into their photos together. They weren't worried about time or people waiting for them. They simple took every moment in with each other. They laughed, joked, and all in all enjoyed those little moments in between.

What moment were you most looking forward to seeing in the photos/video? (bride's response) Ahhh everything!!! Sunset photos, s’more photos, and bridal party photos!

Groom picking up bride while twirling her on Pensacola beach.

What moment were you most looking forward to seeing in the photos/video? (groom's response) S’mores bar, groomsmen photos

When they told me they had a s'mores bar instead of a traditional wedding cake, my inner child came out a little. One of my favorite things about wedding is when couples understand that traditional things are great, but making it your own is even better!

Whether it's doing something crazy like the coolest s'mores bar or deciding not to do a garter, remember this is YOUR wedding day...there are no guidelines.

Bride and groom kiss while eating a more together.

How did you two meet? We met at a college party 7 years ago in Maryland. We began dating and fell in love pretty quickly! We dated all throughout college and after we graduated we made the move to Pensacola to start our life down here!

Groom kissing bride on the cheek with beach behind them.

Tell us about THE dress! What made you fall in love? I knew I wanted something simple and elegant for the beach but love sparkles so I went with two dresses to satisfy both desires!

Hannah's dress from the Bridal Suite in Pensacola, Fl was an absolute dream. The form fitted, satin, deep backed dress gave me all the feels. Not only was it elegant and romantic in itself, but she added a CAPE! If you know us, you know we LOVVVEEE an added cape. It just adds so much drama that we love in the photos.

What was your first dance song, and why did you choose it? I wanna grow old with you by Adam Sandler. We are a pretty laid back couple, not into super romantic and slow songs and the words on this song just fit us and our relationship perfect

Bride and groom share a first dance together.

Describe what you felt when you saw your bride on your wedding day: Extreme happiness -Jason

The way these two looked at each other while walking down the aisle was like something out of a movie. They seriously locked eyes and that was other person was there.

Describe what you felt when you saw your groom on your wedding day: I felt so at peace looking at him down the aisle. Like time stopped- Hannah

Mother and father walking bride down the aisle on Pensacola Beach.

What was the most emotional part of the day for you? Watching everything that we had planned together for so long play out right in front of us. -Hannah

What was the most emotional part of the day for you? Watching Hannah walk down the aisle and the best man’s speech -Jason

What is ONE moment of your day that you will always remember? Getting away from the party to do the sunset pictures alone

We never force a couple into anything on the wedding day. Some couples want your typical photos and that's it...time to party. While other couples what alllll the works when it comes to photos. When Hannah and Jason said they wanted some extra time later in the night for photos, my photographer heart got a little extra happy!

Of course I love it for the photos, but another bonus is getting to step away together and regather, enjoy a few alone moments and get away from the busy of the day.

Bride and groom cuddling together on the beach.

Favorite part of the Phocus Experience? Every single staff member made me feel so comfortable. Sometimes taking pictures can feel a little awkward but I shockingly never felt that way. They were all so down to earth and kind and Audrey was an amazing hype girl! We loved the whole crew!

Capturing Hannah and Jason was such a joy. Their sweet family made the day so enjoyable. Congrats to these two!

Phocus and Company with the bride and groom.

Check out some of our favorite from the day!


VENDORS: Ceremony Venue // Pensacola beach

Reception Venue // Beach house

Coordinator //Brenda Henson

Videography // Phocus and Company

Photography // Phocus and Company

Hair and Makeup //Bride Guide

Dress Shop // Bridal Suite

Officiant // Chris Davies

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