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Grand Exits on the Wedding Day're so close to your big day, but now it comes down to all those little details. What favors are we handing out? What song are we walking down the aisle to? BUT, most importantly...WHAT KIND OF EXIT ARE WE WANTING TO DO?

We decided to help you guys out by showing you some of our favorite grand exits for your wedding day! When it comes down to deciding, don't base it off of what's trending or popular right now. Ask yourself this.... "What is more US?" So many people get caught up in what others want on the wedding day rather than knowing that your wedding day is YOUR day...not Aunt Beckys, not moms (sorry moms) but YOUR DAY! Repeat it with me... " our wedding is is about us and should reflect US." Now, say it 5 more times.

So here we go...our first grand exit is obviously the sparkler exit. We have done NUMEROUS sparkler exits, and honestly we love it! It's fun, romantic and all around magical. Not to mention there's so many different things you can do to make it unique to you both as a couple. If you're the romantic type, then maybe doing a dip and kiss is more up your alley. If you're fun and playful, don't be afraid to grab your new wifey and throw her over your shoulder and run under those sparklers. If you want to feel like you're in a Disney movie, then give your queen a spin! There's so many options with this one, but it will always be a classic for us!

*Tip: Make sure to buy long wedding sparklers. They last longer and are usually smoke free.

Bride and Groom during a sparkler exit at their Sandesting Golf and beach resort wedding.

Next is for the beach weddings or even beach lovers! Maybe sparkler exits aren't up your alley. You and your man love the beach, but have no idea what kind of exit would best represent you both. BEHOLD...a BEACH BALL EXIT! What better way to get those beach vibes right?? Whether it's inside or outside, I promise you'll have a BALL with this one! (pun intended)

Bride and groom doing a beach ball exit at their Hilton wedding on Pensacola Beach.

Venue: Hilton Resort; Pensacola Beach, Florida

Thirdly, and probably one of my personal favorites is the CONFETTI EXIT! There's nothing more magical than a confetti popper going off, rose petals flying in the air and all your loved ones cheering as you finish the night of your dreams. If you don't like the idea of having to clean up the mess, then buy a biodegradable one instead! They look the exact same and easier clean up!

Sparkler and rose petal grand exit at bride and grooms Sowell Farms wedding.

Venue: Sowell Farms; Milton, Florida

We've heard of many venues and areas that have quite the restriction on what they allow when it comes to grand exits. If sparklers and confetti cannons are one of those restricted items, then a RIBBON WAND EXIT might be your next option! They're fun, affordable and you can include your wedding colors to make it even more YOU!

Bride and groom doing a ribbon wand exit at their wedding at Big Lagoon State Park.

Fourth...and honestly my favorite to date... WISHING LANTERNS. I know I say they're all my favorite grand exits, but this one really is. It gets everyone involved and it just turns into a fun/romantic activity for you and your guests. One way to make it personal is to have people write their own wishes for you on their lantern and then send it into the sky. There is NOTHING more romantic than having your new hubby holding you as you see the night sky light up with all those beautiful wishes for the two of you.

Venue: Coldwater Gardens; Milton, Florida

You many be torn right now because all these sound amazing right??? Well, my last piece of advice is to have TWO send offs...Yup, you heard me. You may be thinking, "Why would I have TWO send offs?!?" But...before you get all confused, let me explain. Some people fall in love with the idea of having confetti and sparklers. How are you suppose to choose between those???? Easy. Do a ceremony send off. Once you're pronounced husband and wife, everyone's already cheering anyway, so why not give them some confetti/ birdseed/lavender or whatever you want to spice it up with? (pun also intended...lavender...spice it up a bit.) ANYWAYSSSS... I promise you won't regret it...I mean look at the joy in their faces when they did a ceremony exit!

Couple running down aisle during ceremony at their Coldwater Gardens wedding.
Bride and groom running through rose petals during their Sowell Farms wedding.

If you take anything from this blog, just know IT'S YOUR WEDDING DAY! There is no "secret formula" on how to do a wedding the right way. We've captured over 200 weddings and each are different and beautiful in it's own way! I think a lot of people get caught up in wedding traditions and honestly, a tradition is something from the past. Yes, traditions are beautiful, Yes, we love them....BUT don't be afraid to start your own traditions.

Much Love,


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