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Goofy, Weird Love

Seth and Giana's Seaside, Florida engagement session set the bar even higher for future engagement sessions. We had the chance to go explore 30A, Seaside, and Alys Beach, Florida with Mr and Mrs (ALMOST) Goins, right before the first cases of COVID-19 were announced in America. Really, it's one of our last care-free days before all of the world changed!

The first time we ever met Seth and Giana, we automatically knew that they were different! There was a true authenticity about them that many people don't possess. Our typical forty-five minute consultation quickly turned into a two hour heart to heart conversation between all of us. That's when I knew that we NEEDED to capture the love between these two! When we find couples that have that "Can't-Eat, Can't Sleep, Reach-For-The-Stars, Over-the-fence-world-series kind of stuff" between them, We want to do our very best to capture all of that love into a photo and show it off for the whole world to see! We are fortunate enough to have MANY of our clients with that sort of special love!

Describe Yourselves

"Goofy. Weird. We spend most of our time laughing together and enjoying the small things, but become real and honest when needed and have shed tears together over heartache. Our relationship is sharing coffee in the mornings, sharing stories in the evenings, and holding each other at night. Our weaknesses are complimented by each other’s strengths." -Seth & Giana

Audrey and I jump on any opportunity to explore new places, find amazing views, and feed on the adrenaline of not knowing what could possibly be around the next corner. We knew that this session would be absolutely amazing when Seth and Giana trusted us in our decision to explore new areas in Alys Beach with them, even though we had no "real plan" for them. Sure enough, we found amazing backdrops and stepped up to the challenge of the unknown.

"It’s hard to explain what love is, but whatever it is, we have it." -Seth & Giana

They DEFINITELY DO have whatever "IT" is, and we can't wait to capture more of it on their wedding day!

Till next time,

Much Love,

Tim & Audrey

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