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Gabi + Rich

How did you two meet: "We met through our parents actually. Funny story, I was in a community group through the church he went to and his mom was in the same group! Rich was playing on the worship team with my dad. We both became close to each other’s parent not knowing one another. Everyone would always tell me I needed to meet him even my parents would talk about him to me! Eventually we ended up meeting and becoming friends. He asked me on about three dates before I finally said yes. We had lunch before I had to be a work (so I had an excuse to leave just in case) I ended up getting to see just how sweet and kind he actually was. I saw what everyone had talked about. After work we ended up hanging out again on his back porch talking for hours and the rest fell into place from there."

Bride and Groom under a tree

Tell us about THE dress: "Oh goodness the dress! I was not expecting to have the “special crying moment” when you just knew it was the right dress. I thought that was a made up cliché thing. Well..... it happened. I tried on a couple dresses at the Bridal Suite and then put on my dress and started to tear up, I couldn’t believe it. I just envisioned the whole wedding when I had that dress on. Then just to be sure I tried on another one and I liked it but the girls at the Bridal Suite had me try on my dress again to see one more time..... and I cried again. My mom and mother in law also cried and said that was THE ONE. So that’s the dress I left with and had a matching cathedral veil.

Describe the GROOM on your wedding day: "I had no clue what to expect. He’s a country man and I’m his wife/ stylist so I always help him. Apparently I taught him well because when I saw him turn around I felt over joyed. His hair was perfectly combed back and his beard looked great! He smiled so big and it made me so excited to marry this sweet man. His eyes are just so kind, starring at him during the ceremony helped calm me. He was so calm but the tears filling his eyes made me feel so loved."-Gabi

Groom laughing at altar during ceremony

Describe the BRIDE on your wedding day: "Gabi looked absolutely perfect when I saw her come down the aisle. Her long veil in the sun at the alter along with how beautiful she was made her look like an angel."-Rich

Bride in her wedding gown

What was the most EMOTIONAL part of the day and WHY: "Reading the vows because it was real and that we were actually getting married. I waited so long to meet the one God had made for me and it was all falling into place." -Gabi

"When she was walking towards me because everything that led up to that one moment was happening right there."-Rich

Bride crying in ceremony

What is ONE moment of your wedding you will always remember:

"When Gabi got Done with the ceremony and she looked at me and said “we’re married” -Rich

"There are lots of moments I will remember but one funny one is the first dance. I didn’t realize how awkward it would be! According to my bridesmaids it didn’t look that way but me and Rich couldn’t stop giggling the whole time!"-Gabi

Bride and groom laughing at altar

Favorite Part of the Phocus Experience: "I would say just how easy they made it for us! They made taking photos a breeze! From hyping us up to posing us to make it look effortless. It was truly an amazing experience. One thing I loved so much was the timeline they made for us! It was perfect for us to know when and who needed to be ready at what time!"

Gabi and Rich's wedding day was so special. From the moment we arrived, we just had those vibes... you know, the ones you get when you KNOW it's going to be a perfect day. And sure enough it was! We always tell brides not to stress because this day comes and go so fast. It'll be over in a blink of the eye. Yes... be organized...have a timeline and try to stick to it as best as you can. BUT....if you get behind, don't stress. Everything will be just FINE! -Phocus

Here are some of our favorites from the day:

Groom dipping bride during sparkler exit at wedding


Dj: TomCat

Bartending: Sowell Farms

Coordinating: Ashlie Abbott

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