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Feely Wedding

Bride and groom standing in front of lake.

They say rain is lucky on the wedding day..... let's just say Morgan and Tyler must be two lucky people. Although it rained on the wedding day, being at Live Oak, there are plenty of back up plans. The team quickly pulled everything together

Number One Tip for Future Phocus Couples to Consider About The Wedding Day: Consider what photos you’d really like to have before the big day and don’t be afraid to ask for them

What moment were you most looking forward to seeing in the photos/video? I am most looking forward to seeing the love captured between me and my new husband but also with our two families becoming one. -Morgan

Bride and groom kissing under a veil.

What moment were you most looking forward to seeing in the photos/video? Just her walking down the aisle. I knew she’d look beautiful but I wanted that moment captured. -Tyler

Bride walking down the aisle towards her groom.

How did you two meet? (Tell us all those little details!) Not so long ago in the Panhandle of Florida, there was a recent college graduate who landed her first ‘real’ job as a wildlife biologist with the Florida Forest Service when she happened upon a small-town boy from Plant City whose dream was to be an aviator and save lives. He was patient and kind, as she was not looking for a relationship at the time; but he won her over with his quirky sense of humor and adventurous spirit. Although he lived on the other side of town at first and she still had her one-bedroom apartment right outside of the University, they spent much of their time together that summer discovering many similarities like their love of whisky, the beach, and tubing down the Blackwater River. His birthday was the first time he shared those three little words, and she knew this was a forever type of love. Seven months later, he moved to the small town of Milton, Florida to continue flight school and she was thrilled! This is the town where she worked, but not lived. Together, they decided to move in together with three other roommates, also in flight school. About a year later, they decided it was time to get a place of their own on Merrill Drive; about a 10-minute commute to his job and an hour and a half from her new job in her desired field as a marine biologist. They were happy and life was good! The day he graduated from flight school on the first of October 2021 is the day he got down on one knee, in front of both their family and friends, and asked her to take his last name. Of course, she said “yes!”. It wasn’t shortly after that they found out the Coast Guard was sending them to Aguadilla, Puerto Rico for their next duty station. So they left early January 2022 with their dog, Nora, and cat, Peaches, to embark on this new island adventure, together! One adventure down, forever to go!

Groom carrying bride while they smile.

Tell us about THE dress! What made you fall in love? The lace, the slight sparkle, the SLEEVES! As soon as I tried it on I felt the most beautiful I’ve ever been.

What was your first dance song, and why did you choose it? We chose “Tennessee Whisky” because it was our first slow dance song we’d ever danced to together.

Bride and groom sharing first dance.

Describe what you felt when you saw your bride on your wedding day: The feeling is hard to describe, but overwhelming joy along with many other emotions. -Tyler

Describe what you felt when you saw your groom on your wedding day: For me, the feeling was mutual, overwhelming joy. I knew he was the one after the very first couple of dates, but seeing him there and the way he looked at me confirmed it all over again. -Morgan

What was the most emotional part of the day for you? The most emotional part for me was the first look with Tyler -Morgan

What was the most emotional part of the day for you? Seeing her walk down the aisle - Tyler

The rain didn't stop these two. Sure.... it may have put a "damper" on the ceremony, but luckily Live Oak has such a beautiful backup plan! The ceremony was held inside where everyone stayed nice and dry.

Groom looking at bride while she walks down the aisle.

What is ONE moment of your day that you will always remember? Walking down the aisle with my brother seeing Tyler’s face at the end

Favorite part of the Phocus Experience? They were so patient and accommodating, offering us drinks in between pictures and posing us exactly how they wanted us for the best lighting, etc

We had such a great day with Morgan and Tyler. It's definitely the beginning of something really special. We wish joy and happiness in the next chapter of marriage for them!

Here's a few of our favorite from the day!


Venue | Live Oak

Photographer/videographer | Phocus and Company

Coordinator | Laura with Live Oak

Hair | Volume One

Dress Shop | I DO

DJ | Dj Drone

Cake | Publix

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