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Engagement Week Day 5

After choosing the perfect location, season, activity, and outfit, you're left to find the PERFECT PHOTOGRAPHER!

How do you possibly know who to choose out of the endless list of local photographers just within ten miles of your wedding venue?!?

Here is a short checklist to find your perfect fit!

First, make sure you like their style of editing and posing! We photographers are artists; offering our unique perspective on the world and ultimately our perspective on your life! Each photographer has their own style of shooting and way of editing. Some are airbrushed and high fashion, others showcase raw sensuality and candid joy! Choosing a photographer that showcases your personality and style is a huge deal!

Once their work passes the test, a huge mile marker is their budget! Everyone has their own factors that determine what they are able to pay for these photos. Choosing a photographer that is within your budget will relieve the stress during the photo shoot. Each photographer chooses their worth based on experience, training, location, gear, etc., but ultimately you should choose a photographer that provides more value than what you are paying for. You will be left stress free and enjoy every moment of the photo process.

Lastly, I've mentioned this before, but choosing a photographer that also vibes well with you or matches personalities with you and your fiance is going to make or break your experience. Your photographer will spend a lot of time with you between the engagement and the wedding day. You need to make sure that you will be comfortable with that person and their characteristics. If you are fun loving and loud, you need someone there to hype you up even more on the big day!

On the other hand you might be quiet and laid back, so you wouldn't want someone loud and outspoken making you uncomfortable on the wedding day! These are things to consider when making plans and choosing your photographer.

We hope this information has been helpful in making your engagement session easy breezy! If you want more information in having the Phocus team capture your once in a lifetime memories, feel free to reach out at

Best wishes and much love,


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