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Engagement Week Day 4

One of our favorite ways to spice up an engagement session is to HAVE SOME FUN!!!

Let's get away from the generic poses that everyone has and show off who you guys are as a couple! You two are unique and have lots of individuality to capture!

How do we break the mold? GET ACTIVE! I tell my couples to imagine one of their favorite date night activities that they do once a month or one they have always wanted to do and let's capture that! This question has lead us to shoot at dog parks, taco trucks, bike rental places, ice cream shops, local breweries, and many others!

It allows you to forget about that 10 pound camera in your face and create some memories that are worth keeping! You will be able to see those photos and remember a fun time instead of standing in the same pose for 30 minutes and awkward arm positions.

See you back here tomorrow for our last day of engagement tips! Much Love, Phocus

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