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Engagement Week Day 2

You finally got a ring on that finger! Time to schedule your engagement session!

Most of our couples plan for months in advance of their big day, which means you usually have at least two seasons of weather to choose from for your engagement session! So, how do you choose when to shoot?

For starters, the answer to most of these questions should mostly be based off of one thing; who are you guys as a couple. When choosing a season, go for what is natural for you guys! Are you big fans of the spring or summer? The trees are in full bloom, the sun is out to stay, the water at the beach is a welcoming temperature to jump in for a few pics!

Or are you on the other side of things? Do you prefer the crisp fall air or chilly winter evenings with glistening Christmas lights?

Choosing the perfect season that reflects your vibe as a couple is always the best start to planning your session!

See you back here tomorrow for more engagement tips!

Much Love,


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