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Darrian + Deon

"We both met in high school in Spanish I class. She was sophomore and I was a junior. We were classroom friends but we never spoke after class. She had a slight crush on me (she was mesmerized by my jokes). After we both graduated we remained connected through social media. 7 years after we graduated I made the smoothest move and DM Darrian on instagram. I told her that “the fact that you love god is truly amazing to me. Keep glowing girl” Again she was mesmerized by my jokes and charm and I was amazed by her beauty and overall spirit. At the time I was in Orlando and she was in Pensacola. We had our first conversation on the phone that lasted 6 hours. We both knew from that conversation that this is something really special that we only knew it came from God. After spending every second on FaceTime and being long distance for 7 months , I made the move to Pensacola to get my queen. The rest is our current love story." -Deon

Darrian and Deon's engagement session was what engagement session dreams are made of! These two were oozing passion and chemistry toward each other. Their comfort level with each other made it seem like they had been together forever! They laughed, kissed, cuddled and joked the entire time. There was no "awkwardness" between them and you can definitely tell by the photos!

If we had any advice that came from this downtown Pensacola session, it would be, BE YOURSELF! Deon and Darrian, from the very beginning of the session, were 110% their truest selves! Nothing is better than your engagement photos reflecting your unique kind of love that ONLY you and your fiancé share! So forget about the nerves and don't worry about your outfits and hair being perfectly placed, because if your true love is showing, that's all that matters!

Deon and Darrian have this down to a science, which leaves us on edge, anticipating every moment that we are going to have the pleasure of capturing at their big day!

Here are some of our favorites...

till next time,

much love,

Tim & Audrey

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