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Crenshaw Engagement

Tell us how you met!

We met as kids a long time ago and grew up together. We knew we had a thing for each other but were too shy to act on it. Later in middle school Calvin gathered enough nerve to get my phone number. We started talking and a relationship was born. However, we later lost touch as life took us on separate paths. Little did we know years later our paths would cross again and that relationship would be rekindled and draw us together again. Once we reconnected it was as if we had never been apart. It's been magical spending the last couple of years together and we're beyond excited about our big day next spring.

If you haven't met these two, you're missing out. When we first met Carleen and Calvin, I knew they were the people for us! Their fun, high energy personalities made for the most perfect engagement session in Downtown Pensacola.!

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