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Christie and Jordan

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

Couple holding hands infant of a tree at Live Oak Plantation.

Jordan and Christie were just a breath of fresh air. They're two of the kindest people we have ever met. Some people, you just meet and KNOW they're meant for each other. Christie and Jordan are those types of people.

They radiate with joy and happiness, and every person around them can not only see it, but feel it.

Number One Tip for Future Phocus Couples to Consider About The Wedding Day: Don’t sweat the small stuff!! Things will go wrong, but either it will be fixable, it won’t matter, or you won’t even know about it! I sneezed before the ceremony and broke off one of the clasps on the back of my dress, apparently our cake melted, and some other stuff too. None of it mattered though (and my dress was fixable) so it all worked out perfectly in the end. Just soak in the love and joy of your day.

Something will always go wrong. No matter how much you prepare, something small (or even big) can happen on the wedding day. It's how you handle and let it affect you that can make or break the wedding day. When things go wrong on the day of, don't stress about it. It's about the fact that you're marrying the love of your life... and that's all that truly matters.

What moment were you most looking forward to seeing in the photos/video? Is all of it an option? I guess probably my first look with Jordy. It was way more emotional than I thought, and definitely was my favorite moment from the day. I will treasure those few minutes forever and I’m so glad there will be pictures and video of them. -Christie

Talk about crying.... When Jordan saw Christie on the wedding day, him as well as all of us were crying. Easy for us though, we get to hide behind a camera! The emotion from Jordan was so sweet and surprising to Christie. It was definitely one for the books.

What moment were you most looking forward to seeing in the photos/video? The first look. After not having cried ever in front of Christie I knew that this was going to be the moment she saw me shed a tear. And it happened. -Jordan

Groom crying as he sees his bride for the first time.

How did you two meet? (Tell us all those little details!) We met when we both worked at Publix in Tallahassee, and Jordy was a Customer Service Team Leader and I was a cashier. I had a huge crush on Jordy instantly—I would look for his truck in the parking lot or his name on the schedule and sometimes went out to get carts from the parking lot on purpose when he was walking in so I’d have an excuse to talk to him! Jordy was interested in me too even though I didn’t know it, and come to find out later he referred to me as “Heaven on a Sunday” since I only worked Sundays at that point. When he was transferred to Pensacola for a promotion we started talking every day, and haven’t stopped since!

Groom holding bride in front of greenery.

Tell us about THE dress! What made you fall in love? I actually tried on my dress at two different bridal shops, first in Orlando with my mom and mother in law. I loved it then, but I wasn’t ready to commit to buying a dress at my first appointment. My mom and I then flew to New York and I got to try on dresses at Kleinfeld (which, pro tip: they have dresses that fit literally every budget!). I liked the dresses, but just not as much as MY dress. Luckily, they had it at Kleinfeld too and I was able to try it on again! The sparkle layer of tulle, the moscato color, the neckline, and the leaf detailing won me over. It’s perfect!!

We just loved Christie's dress. It was a lace top with sparkles. The romantic feel definitely fit the vision of the day. Being photographers in the Pensacola area, we often get the chance to photograph and video weddings out at Live Oak Plantation. We absolutely love the vibe out there. From the beautiful moss trees, to the open fields, it creates such a romantic place to start a marriage.

Bride holding a bouquet in front of tree.

What was your first dance song, and why did you choose it? Our first dance song was a cover of Stand By Me. We’ve never really been a couple that has “our song”, but in searching for a first dance song this one stood out to us. We both loved the meaning of it and the melody, and it just felt right.

Bride and groom dancing their first dance together in reception hall.

Describe what you felt when you saw your bride on your wedding day: Overwhelming emotion. It was a moment that we had been planning and counting down for almost a year and a half. And then that moment finally came and it all hit me. Everyone says that the day will fly by, and boy did it. That’s why I’m so happy to have those moments caught on camera for us to relive. -Jordan

Describe what you felt when you saw your groom on your wedding day: I’m not sure that I can describe it, and I feel like you can’t understand that moment of seeing your spouse on your wedding day until it happens to you. I was just filled with so much joy and love, and I couldn’t believe how lucky I was. His reaction is what made it so great, though. In the 4 years we’ve been together Jordy has never cried, and I had totally accepted that he wouldn’t cry on our wedding day. So when he turned around and saw me and cried, I was actually in shock at first and just felt so loved by him. -Christie

Bride and groom holding each other in front of big tree at Life Oak.

What was the most emotional part of the day for you? Definitely when my dad and Jordy shook hands at the end of the aisle at the start of our ceremony. My dad shared some words with Jordy welcoming him to our family that were just so special, and I felt so much love and appreciation and all of the things! -Christie

Groom shaking father of the brides hand at the end of the aisle.

What was the most emotional part of the day for you? The first look. At that moment it was just me and her. Nothing else mattered, I felt as if time froze.. but it didn’t. The little tap on the shoulder and turning around and seeing her. I’ll never forget it. -Jordan\

Bride and groom laughing together in greenery.

What is ONE moment of your day that you will always remember? Sitting down for the first time as husband and wife after our first dance. We both sat down and looked at each other and realized all these people came to be a part of our day. Came to watch us celebrate becoming husband and wife. And that was amazing to see everyone who loved and cares for us there for us.

There are always those moments on the day that are those "OMG we're actually married" moments. Sometimes it's those instant moments right after the bride and groom walk down the aisle together, while others are towards the end of the night. When it hits, you know. It's in that moment of gratitude and reality when you truly are grateful for the people surrounding you.

Favorite part of the Phocus Experience? We loved everything about the Phocus experience and can’t thank you guys enough. I think what sums it up is your professionalism. Phocus does create a fun experience, but when it comes to the wedding day we appreciated their calming presence, that they had an answer for everything, the way they worked together so well as a team, how they go above and beyond photo/video, and their efficiency. Phocus brings a level of professionalism and experience to the table that is a complete game changer.

Phocus and Company team with the bride and groom.

We are so glad we got the chance to capture Jordan and Christie's wedding day! They made the day one for the books!

Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Sutton!!

Here's some of our favorite from the day!!


Coordinator\\ Live Oak Plantation

Videographer\\ Phocus and Company

Hair and Makeup\\ The Penton House

Gown\\ Kleinfeld

Dress Designer\\ Essence of Australia

DJ \\DJ Drone

Officiant\\ The Beach Preacher

Caterer\\ Sonny's

Cake\\ Publix

Florist\\ Mallori Carmack

Invitations\\ Zazzle

Rings\\ Kay

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