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Brittany + Sam

I met Brittany and Sam earlier this week and let's just say I knew right away I wanted to shoot their wedding! Being that their big day is only about a month away, we quickly scheduled their engagement photos for the very next day in Downtown Pensacola ! When they got to downtown, I could tell they were super nervous ( I mean, let's be honest, MOST people have some nerves when they know they're about to get in front of the camera)....not like you can tell from the pictures because they were NATURALS!

We started out at Perfect Plain ( if you haven't been there, it's a MUST! Not to mention starting a session out with a few drinks takes some of the nerves off.)

I always ask our couples if they had anything specific they want... you never know if they have that one thing they do together.. Sam instantly wanted to give Brittany a piggy back ride! HECK YEAHHH! We are all for some fun piggy back rides and ANYTHING like it!

I always recommend doing engagement sessions.. for SOOOO MANY REASONS!

1) It's such a great way of getting to know how your photographer works. Do they pose you? Are you comfortable with them? Are they a good fit with your vibe?

2) It helps you know what to expect on the wedding day...that way, you aren't nervous about being in front of the camera and you can just PHOCUS on enjoying your wedding day, because you know what to expect...and last but not least...

3) It makes for a fun "date night" AND you get pictures of what you two love to do.

Literally, their session was everything you can dream it would be...LOTS of laughter, cuddles, drinks and definitely not any jay walking ;) are some of my favorites from their session!

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