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Ashley & Steven

Number One Tip for Future Phocus Couples to Consider:

Forget the cameras are there and slip into your own world together! Those are our best pictures onces we stopped worrying about taking pictures!

Steven and Ashley were such a joy to photograph. The ease and excitement was very present on the day of the wedding. There was no stress about the center pieces, dress or even the flow of the day. Everything just fell into place. You see, it doesn't matter about whether or not the flowers are perfect or the every person is there. What matters is that YOU create happy memories that last past that one day.

What moment were you most looking forward to seeing in the photos/video?

All the things I wasn't able to see! The day zoomed by sooo fast, I'm excited to relive it and see the guest floundering around the venue! - Ashley

One of my favorite parts of the wedding experience here at Phocus is that moment when each couple gets to come into our office, design their wedding album and see their photos for the first time...being able to relive the day and every little moment in between.

The Ceremony - Steven

How did you two meet?

When Ashley Kirby and Maelie tornadoed into the boys world by renting Arbnb space in their house! Yes we have always lived together since the day we met!

Tell us about the dress! Ahhhh i just want to float around the house in it everyday!!! I'm not from here so I was super happy to find it in my small hometown of Wahoo, NE! My mom actually picked it for me, after me providing a detailed description of what I was looking for of course;)

I love when brides incorporate accent pieces into their wedding day. Whether it's a jean jacket, shaw or fur coat, being able to include it into the wedding photos can add that variety you may want.

What was your first dance song, and why did you choose it? Ron Pope 'The Right Way' Before Steven ever heard the song he would always say 'you're so small in my arms!' It always reminded me of this song. So it came on while I was getting ready to go out, Steven likes to sit with me in the bathroom and keep me company while I get pretty! The song came on and when he heard the lyrics he said 'hey I say that to you!' I smiled, noded and that was the first of many bathroom dances!

Talk about a first dance. The moment Steven and Ashley walked out on that dance floor, it was as though it was the only two of them in that room. There were no distractions...just the two of them soaking in those moments as husband and wife.

Describe what you felt when you saw your bride on the wedding day.

It exceeded my expectations. I knew she would be hot, I've seen her a million times, but she was breathtaking. And many more times throughout the night I was blown away. - Steven

Describe what you felt when you saw your groom on the wedding day.

Nothing felt real. Like the absolute best dream I never want to wake up from! We were both so nervous to be in the spotlight and saying vows in front of so many people. Standing up there with Steven I forgot about all the people, it was only him and me together! The most perfect speck of time!

The joy and happiness that radiated off of Steven and Ashley was undeniable. The two of them were so excited and knew that they wanted to end the day with no regrets or stress about the flow of the day.

What was the most emotional part of the day? Seeing my dad see me for the first time. -Ashley

Ashley's vows to Max first. - Steven

How cute was little Max on the wedding day. I love when couples incorporate their kiddos into their wedding day. Whether it's during the ceremony doing a unity sand ceremony or writing personal vows for your kiddos, having those memories to look back on is priceless.

What was the ONE moment of the day that you will always remember?

When Steven and I had our first look at the barn before the guest were let in. Seeing all of our hard work come together and it was breathetakinly beautiful! Although Steven was very involved in the planning he was booted from the decorating committee! He turned to me and said 'you did this' He was so guinuinely happy and I could feel his love for me. The best compliment!

Favorite part of the Phocus Experience?

Having fun with the crew! Starting with hello hugs they make you feel like old friends and so comfortable! Their positive energy radiates the whole environment!

Honestly from Tim bustling my dress, to keeping the wedding flowing and sneaking us away for nature timed pictures we are nothing but thankful! You all go beyond photography and have nailed your craft! I've stared at our sneakpeaks longer then I've ever looked at pictures of myself in absolute awe!

Check out some of our favorites of the day:


Venue: Sowell Farms

Dj: Dj Tom Cat

Photo/Video Team: Phocus & Company

Hair/Makeup: Bombshell Blowout Bar

Florist: Sunshine Design

Bakery: Publix

Tux: Randall's


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