Georgia On My Mind

Where do I even start?! When we met Christa and Joey, we knew their relationship was special, (Not to take away from all of our other couple and the amazing relationships they share) but we knew that these two have been through things together that made them stronger and closer. The bond that comes when you know you have a true life PARTNER is like no other! The kind of partner that you can count on in your times of need, and they can count on you just as much. This relationship holds a mutual understanding and trust that you just don't find in every relationship. It is truly amazing! Needless to say, when we saw this bond between them (over tears and cups of coffee) we knew that we wanted to document their journey!

Que the hazy flash back you see in movies to Mr and Mrs Esch's Engagement session here.

Fast forward from the time we met Joey and Christa to their wedding day! All of their hard work and suspense had finally paid off! You could tell that a ton of heart was put into every little detail, from the matching PJs to the intricate lace on this one of a kind dress, AND EVEN a special floral collar for the gorgeous Georgia (The newlyweds fur baby.)

Once the preparations were finalized, I had to lie. If ever tell you grooms out there with a calm attitude that we are "3 hours behind, so I am skipping the bridal pictures", run! I set Joey up for his "solo shots" only to allow Christa to sneak up on him for their first look! He had no idea it was coming, and as you can see, it made for the best reactions ever!

All in all this will be a day that we will never forget! and you can definitely say that it ended with a bang...or a pop.

Thank you to the amazing co-vendors that made this day extra magical for Mr and Mrs Esch!

Gown: The Bridal Suite

Floral: Humming Birds

Catering: Culinary Productions

Venue: Sowell Farms

Photography: Phocus Photography

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