Life is an Adventure

Life can throw you so many unexpected moments (good and bad), but the outcome really depends on how you handle it all.

We met Tilden and Thapelo by chance when you really think about it. We HAPPENED to see their social media post about their recent engagement, and we HAPPENED to reached out to them about capturing their new journey. All of the right things lined up perfectly and we became an instant fit!

Little did we know that meeting them would eventually lead us to explore the Atlantic side of Florida for their engagement session! Well, exploring the downtown area of St. Augustine with these two love birds was nothing short of awe inspiring!

When you take the gorgeous backdrops, the romantic city vibes, and the way that these two look at each other, I can't say that I was surprised by the outcome!

I say this often, but I really mean it with every drop of sincerity that I can offer. The love these two share is really truly one of a kind. I can say that in all truth with a lot of our couples, because the love that "Mr. and Mrs. Jones" have with each other is just as special, but completely different than the love that "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" have. We are so fortunate to be a part of this adventure with Mr and Mrs (Almost) Whitfield. We truly can't wait to see them tie the knot next summer.