More Than "Just Rings"

The power of love and marriage always surpass the physical things you can see. This love has the strength to bond two people together stronger than anything you can imagine! How do I know? Because I experience this love on a daily basis with my amazing wife! However, Greg and Theresa experience this love in their own way, but I can tell this love is forever! The bond between two is undeniable.

As the preparation began on this monumental day, Theresa told me the story of an amazing love that was shared between her grandparents. After many years of marriage, a long line of beautiful family members, and an undeniable legacy, Theresa's grandparents departed their family only hours apart. The love between these two was so strong, they literally could not live without each other. I don't know about you, but that's the kind of love I want with my soul mate! Although her grandparents were not physically present on their wedding day, Theresa carried around a small piece of them. The rings that bound her grandparents in matrimony were tied around her bouquet. That goes to show that those rings were not just physical items; they held so much meaning and love.

Looking at the connection between Theresa and Greg, it is clear that the same type of love that Theresa's grandparents had was bestowed into the newlywed's hearts as well. I know the Kirkman's love will leave behind the same kind of legacy as the years roll by. This love is more than just rings; it's everlasting.

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