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Ride the Tide

Adam and Danielle are obviously made for each other! These two college sweethearts are so crazy for each other, all I had to do was put them next to each other and they made the magic!

These two love birds met up north, but their love for each other and the beach brought them down to our little piece of the planet! You never know where life will take you, but as long as you ride the tide you will always end up where you are supposed to be!

We had the pleasure of meeting Mr and Mrs (Almost) Woods at the Bridal Fair in the Square just a few weeks ago! We happened to meet in passing and as soon as we met, I knew we HAD to capture their wedding! Their love for each other was so out in the open that I knew I wanted to capture it for everyone to see!

The chemistry was undeniable as we ventured into our warm Pensacola Beach waters on this summer night. I get so excited when we have the type of couples that can just let loose and be themselves and it works out like this!

We are anxiously awaiting the day that these two finally get to become one at the Landshark on Pensacola Beach! Till then, catch their love vibes and ride the tide!

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