A Perfect Fit

I don't even know where to begin! At the very beginning of the Jernigan wedding, I told the blushing bride, Casey, that I had a feeling that their day was going to be perfect! It's not a feeling that I always get, but when I do, it never fails to impress! The day literally started off with a ton of laughter from the bridesmaids when we all met!

After the festivities finally began we started to capture every little beautiful detail, and let me say, each and every one was planned out to perfection!

A wedding dress is typically a simple piece of material that was designed into a work of art. When the bride finally puts THE dress on, a moment happens, that dress becomes part of history, a part of a love story.

When Casey walked out in her dress, everyone was absolutely stunned! Including her groom, Zach. Zach was speechless at the sight of his one true love as she revealed herself at their first look. After hours of preparations and tons of anticipation, Zach's moment finally came. This moment between just the two of them was awe inspiring.

As they just enjoyed these few moments together, so much emotion was conveyed to each other without a word even being spoken. Our goal at every single wedding is to capture the couple for who they are. I took Casey's bridal portraits, not just as a set of pictures, but a challenge to capture her beauty in a way that Zach sees her every day, but everyone else is seeing for maybe the first time today.

This day was in progress and planning for months upon months, but they did not arrive at this monumental day alone. They had a team that some call a "bridal party" , but better known as Zach and Casey's best friends. This bridal party was nothing less than supportive and entertaining to say the least! They killed some "GQ" poses with those straight faces!

As the nuptials were spoken and sealed with a kiss the party finally began!

I had so much fun watching this amazing group let loose and have fun! From the first dance to the big bang champagne toast to end the night, every moment was special and unique in a way that only Mr. and Mrs. Jernigan can understand.

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