Tempered Love

AAAH! I am so crazy about this session! Now that I got that out of my system! We had so much fun with this spunky couple! Joey and Christa's love story is awe inspiring. So much so that we spent over two hours talking with them about their love and what they have overcome together! A true life partner knows you so much that they are the best at keeping you strong. A true life partner knows where your weaknesses are and supports you in those areas. Joey was there for Christa from the very beginning and helped her through some of the hardest circumstances, and as Christa told about this, she glanced over to the love of her life, and in that moment Audrey and I caught the cliche sparkle in her eyes. That sparkle proves that the guy she said yes to is the guy that she loves fully, and the best part is Joey loves her just as much if not more! Those trials can be the things that make or break a couple, but for Joey and Christa, it did nothing but make their love stronger than ever! The hotter the fire, the stronger the bond. When we met these love birds not only did we see the strong intimate love, but they also have a fun loving chemistry, and of course we had to take full advantage of that! These two were down for ANYTHING; so I knew we had to find something extra fun loving for this amazing couple! It was one of the most fun sessions we have ever done! It will be hard to top this one!

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