Finding "The One"

We've had the pleasure of calling Brittany "friend" for a long time. So, I know she will not mind if I tell a small piece of her story! Up until she met Joe, she was an incomplete person, BUT now she has found "the One" who has made her complete! As I experienced how they interacted with each other during this engagement session, it was almost as if they had forgotten I was even there. They were having fun together and just enjoying each other's presence. This is what all couples should strive for. No matter what happens in life, you should be able to just be together and enjoy each other. YOU DESERVE a relationship like this. I told myself when I was young and single, that I would only marry my best friend, because I knew -even though I was young- that romance and passion can fade when you're trying to make it through life, but if you are best friends with your spouse, then you will have a stronger foundation when life gets tough. I found my true love at the very young age of 12 years old, but our relationship did not begin with chocolate and roses. Instead, it began as best friends hanging out in the late hours of the night talking about our futures and eating junk food like only pubescent kids can. I see a strong foundation of friendship in Joe and Brittany and I can't wait until they start this journey with each other by their sides!